Student testimonials

Canoeing on Lake Pyhäjärvi


I really liked and enjoyed Tampere Summer school as an exchange student. I had a chance to meet with many other international students from many countries of the world for the first time, with whom we shared different life experiences. The teachers are very competent with what they teach with extremely new and interesting teaching methods.
Azania, Tanzania (2017)

Tampere Summer School was such a wonderful chance for me to get to know more about Finland, and to interact with other friends from all over the world. Strongly recommend this!
Dana, Korea (2017)

The study atmosphere was opening and courageous, providing me very decent fundamental concepts for continuing to explore the topics. The classmates and the lecturer/facilitator were awesome, they were friendly and ready to share their experiences. I have made some good friends after the courses. In addition, the social programme helped me have a good time after classes in a new city. I had a chance to know more about Finnish culture and Tampere City. It was great to gain knowledge and enjoy summer activities at the same time. Thank you Tampere Summer School Team!
Yen, Vietnam (2017)

To participate in Tampere Summer School in my home university was like being an exchange student in my home country. I had a privilege to experience international spirit conveniently at home.
Mia, Finland (2017)

It was a great experience, which gave me the chance to meet people and meet friends from all over the world, apart from enjoying of the wonderful Finnish summer, culture, nature and Finland itself. It will be definitely one of those experiences that I'll never forget in my life.
Maria, Spain (2016)

I attended the Summer School as a part of my exchange period. In two weeks, I learned so many things about the University, about the Finnish culture and way of living.  Not only do you learn many things thanks the courses offered, but you also learn many things about yourself. If you, like I had, have the opportunity to attend the Summer School, do not hesitate. Follow your instinct, and enjoy two wonderful weeks in one, if not the, best university of Finland. In, according to me, the best town of Finland. Thanks again, UTA!
Marion, France (2016)

I loved my UTA experience! I came to Finland because I am interested in education and cultural perceptions of teaching. I had done a lot of research about Finland's education system before I came. And my summer school experience exceeded my expectations! Everybody was kind and supportive, my classes were rigorous, I learned a lot and made new friends. I would highly recommend this program!
Krista, USA (2016)

An eye-opener that no young professional should miss out! I have to say that I could not ask for more. It has been such a wonderful, unforgettable, joyful and helpful experience. Structured learning materials coupled with exciting social programs made Summer School days very sweet memory in my heart. Wish that Summer School attracted more and more students in the years to come. Kiitos!
Ngoc, Vietnam (2016)

I enjoyed Summer School a lot in sunny bright weather in August 2015. I would highly recommend it. UTA has great facilities for international students as well. It was very interesting to learn from very experienced teachers and participants from different backgrounds and countries. Kiitos!
Mihir, Singapore (2015)

Summer School offered a quick and easy way to study some important subjects and obtain credits. As a degree student, it also allowed me to get back into the routine after the summer break. Equally good, if not better, was meeting a variety of different people and making new friends!
David, Finland (2015)

I really enjoyed learning in a relaxed atmosphere, meeting other people from many countries doing different things and getting to know the University of Tampere before the hustle and bustle of term time as an international degree student began.
Lauren, United Kingdom (2015)

As a new international student of UTA I chose to apply for summer school as I saw it being an opportunity to familiarize myself with the university. This would have made it easier for me to find my way around when my master’s classes started. In the beginning I was uncertain on the whether I will be able to grasp a semester coursework in two weeks but it all turned out fine and we even had enough time to do practical work, assignments and group projects. I would highly recommend summer school especially for international students not only for the reasons I have mentioned above but also to be able to earn extra credits that will be summed up on your degree.
Saina, Kenya (2015)