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Preliminary info: Telephone service: +358 29 41 235 28. Open from 15 November 2017 to 14 February 2018. Telephone service hours are from Monday to Friday from 12.00 to 15.00 (GMT+2).

Preliminary info for the 2018 intake!

Applications to the Master's degree programmes given in English at the University of Tampere are submitted through an electronic application system. A link to the application form is available on the Admissions web page during the application period. All applications are pre-processed by the centralized University Admissions Finland (UAF) service. You must be able to support your application with enclosures related to your educational background, language skills, and other qualifications and merits.

To help you on the way, we have compiled step-by-step instructions on what you need to do or remember at each stage of applying. The instructions are preliminary for the 2018 intake.


Before applying

1. Select the Master's degree programme you wish to apply to. Carefully read through the general admission criteria and programme admission criteria and see whether you meet them. Applicants who do not meet the general and programme-specific admission criteria will not be selected.

  • Questions related to the admission criteria? Please contact the Master's degree programme coordinator or the UTA admissions office,
  • See also Frequently Asked Questions on the University website and the UAF website.

2. If necessary, book a time for a language test well in advance.

3. Check which documents you need to submit and make sure you obtain them in time.

  • Remember to check if there are any country-specific requirements for your documents.
  • Please note that some documents may be required to be sent separately by a third party. Make sure also these documents are delivered in time.
  • Questions on the required application documents? Contact the Master's degree programme coordinator or the UTA admissions office,

4. Check whether you need to pay tuition fees or not. If you believe you are exempt from the fee, check which documents you need to submit to verify this.

5. Prepare yourself for the questions in the electronic application form. The form includes a CV, motivation letter, description of the grading scale used in your Bachelor’s studies, and a source where the scale can be verified. You are also asked to give names and contact details for two people who can recommend you. Collect the information in advance.


6. When the application period begins, fill in the electronic application form. The application form is available during the application period 1 December 2017 – 17 January 2018 at 3 p.m (GMT+2) at A direct link to each programme’s application page at will be available on each programme web page during the application period. The application form is not supported on Internet Explorer browser.
  • If you apply to more than one UTA Master’s degree programme, you are requested on the application form to list the programmes you apply to in priority order. You will need to fill in a separate application form for each programme, and you will also need to submit separate enclosures to each programme you apply for (except applications to several specializations within the MDP in Leadership for Change. Please see more on the programme web page).
  • If you wish to apply for the University of Tampere scholarships, you will need to indicate this in the application form. The UTA scholarships are available only for students who are required to pay the tuition fee.
Once you have filled in all the required information, check that the information you have given is correct and submit the application form. After this you cannot make any changes to your application. Print out the application form and send it to UAF together with the other application enclosures.
  • The application form will close at 3 p.m. (GMT +2) on 17 January, and any application forms not submitted by that time will expire. You will need to submit the application by 3 p.m.,  (GMT + 2) just starting to fill the form in is not enough.
  • Problems with the application form? For technical assistance, please contact University Admissions Finland at

7. Please note that you will need to print out the submitted application form and send it to UAF together with the application enclosures.

The printed application form and all the enclosures need to reach UAF by 17 January. UAF processes all documents in the order of arrival, so it is in your best interest to submit your application documents as soon as possible. It is acceptable to submit documents already before submitting the online application. Late documents will not be taken into account in the selection of students.

  • Your electronic application has a personal programme-specific check-list of all the required application enclosures. You can also find the list of required documents on our web page.
  • Please note that each application must have its own set of requested application documents (except applications to several specializations within the MDP in Leadership for Change. Please see more on the programme web page).
8. University Admissions Finland receives thousands of application documents, and unfortunately they do not have the resources to check the arrival of each document before processing it. All documents will be processed in the order of arrival, and you will be notified about the processing by email. Check your e-mail regularly after the submission of your documents – and please be patient, UAF will contact you as soon as possible.

After applying

9. University Admissions Finland will evaluate your eligibility and the authenticity of your education certificates. This includes, for example, contacting your previous educational institution and your language-test organizer. Any malpractice will be reported to the university and the authorities.

If, during the UAF processing, it is noticed that your documents do not meet the requirements, you will be notified of this as well. However, you will not be given additional time beyond the given deadline to supplement your application. It is your responsibility to make sure that all the documents meet the given requirements.

10. The University of Tampere receives the pre-processed application documents from UAF by early March. Check your e-mail regularly during February-March, as some applicants may be contacted to arrange a phone/video interview during February-March. Please see Selection of students for more information.

11. Admission results are published by 29 March 2018. All applicants will be informed of the result either by e-mail or by post. If you are selected into a UTA Master's degree programme, you will need to confirm the acceptance of the study place by a date confirmed later (in 2017 the date was 15 May 2017).

Those applicants who have been awarded the University of Tampere Scholarship will be notified of this together with the admission decision; these new students may have to confirm the acceptance of the scholarship by mid-April.

Students required to pay the tuition fee will also be informed about this together with the admission decision. The letter of acceptance will include the instructions on how to pay the fee and the deadlines for payments.

12.  Arrival at the University. The Orientation course for new international students is organised in late August, and you will need to register to the university by the end of August. Plan you arrival accordingly.