Doctoral Programme of the School of Management

Degree: Doctor of Administrative Sciences, Doctor of Science (Economic and Business Administration), Doctor of Social Sciences

Duration: 4 years  

Extent:  240 ECTS

When to apply:  April / October

Start date:  Aug 1 / Jan 1

Tuition fee: none  

Programme web page

The aim of the Doctoral Programme of the School of Management is to produce researchers who are ideally equipped for academic positions as well as demanding expert roles and research positions in industry, business or public administration.

The major subjects can be chosen among the following subjects:


Administrative Sciences

  • Regional Studies
  • Local Governance
  • Administrative Science
  • Public Law
  • Financial Administration and Public Sector Accounting
  • Local Public Economics
  • Local Public Law
  • Environmental Policy


Economics and Business Administration

  • Management and Organization
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Business Law
  • Insurance
  • Tax Law


Social Sciences

  • International Relations
  • Political Science


Demand for experts with a doctoral degree is on the rise particularly in the fields of economics, administrative sciences and political science.



General eligibility and assessment criteria

Programme-specific requirements and assessment criteria

Scientific postgraduate education will in most cases require the prior completion of a higher (Master’s level) university degree. A requirement for admission is that the School deems the student’s basic university degree or other equivalent degree an adequate basis for pursuing postgraduate studies.

Please note that the candidate's Master's thesis must be on the same subject or field of study as in which they wish to complete their licentiate/doctoral studies.

The University of Tampere does not offer any scholarships for foreign students, and all students are expected to finance their studies independently. If the applicant comes from a non-EU country they must show that their income is secured either with a scholarship, a grant, or other funds with which the student can support themselves during the academic studies. Students must be able to prove that they have at their disposal at least 500 EUR a month or 6,000 EUR per year.

Admission to the programme

Please note that because the applicant has to present feasible preliminary study and research plans for graduate studies, the professor of the prospective major subject should be consulted before submitting the application.

The application period for doctoral studies commencing in the spring of 2017 will be during 1-31 October.

Applicants for doctoral degree are required to complete an electronic application form. Link to the application form is available during the application period.

The applicant is required to give detailed information about the following:

  • a draft research proposal for licentiate thesis or doctoral dissertation
  • certificates of academic and educational background or an official transcript of previous university records
  • Master’s degree certificate translated into English
  • certificates of foreign language skills, if any, e.g. English, German, Finnish
  • descriptions of the syllabus of the applicant's previous studies
  • a full copy of the Master’s thesis in English or upon agreement in some other language, in which case an English abstract is required

PLEASE NOTE! The applications are taken only during the application period mentioned above and the applications can be submitted only by using the online application form. An email sent to somebody at the University is not regarded as the application.


Contact information

Head of Administration Sari Saastamoinen
Tel +358 40 190 1479
Office Pinni A2036

Administrative Secretary Mirja Björk
Tel. +358 40 190 9782
Office Pinni A2034