Eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria to the Master's degree programmes consist of two parts: the University of Tampere general eligibility criteria, and programme specific eligibility criteria, which specify and/or add information to the general criteria. Applicants must meet both in order to be considered eligible.

General eligibility:

To be eligible to apply for a Master’s programme at UTA, an applicant must have

  • a completed university level Bachelor's degree or equivalent in the field of the desired programme or in a closely related subject
  • fluency in English sufficiently advanced for academic studies. For more information, please see Language requirements.

Applicants in the final year of their Bachelor’s degree

Applicants who have not completed their Bachelor's degree by the application deadline are also eligible to apply. In this case they can be admitted to the programme on the condition that they graduate and send an officially attested copy of the degree certificate to the University of Tampere by 31 July 2017 (the exact deadline will be given yearly). If the applicant does not submit the degree certificate to the University of Tampere in time, this conditional admission will expire.

Instructions on what you need to submit as application enclosures and how to submit your degree certificate

Programme specific eligibility criteria:

Each programme can define more detailed eligibility criteria including, for example, more specific requirements of the applicant's previous education. These criteria will be decided and published yearly for the following application round.

Programme-specific requirements can be found in the Master's degree programme descriptions

Applicants who do not meet the general eligibility and programme-specific admission criteria will not be selected.

Please note that competition is high and the number of eligible applicants annually exceeds the number of students that can be accepted.