Engineering & Architecture

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Designing Sustainable Tourism Premises (4 ECTS)

International and multi-disciplinary design workshop for creating sustainable cultural and nature tourism premises in Tavastia (Forssa, Tammela).

Please note! This course will be held on-site outside Tampere, in Forssa/Tammela during 13 - 18 August. The students will be provided with accommodation and 2 meals a day as a part of the course, but the students will have to arrange and pay for their (bus) travels themselves. For more information please contact the teacher responsible.


  • Language of instruction: English

  • Number of ECTS: 4

  • Course code: ARK-81006

  • Discipline: Architecture

  • Level of studies: Intermediate

  • Learning outcomes: Understanding sustainability in  tourism industry. Creating premises for cultural and nature tourism in Finnish national landscapes.

  • Working methods: Field work (7 days) in groups at the site.

  • Evaluation: Projects, group work

  • Teacher responsible: Iida Kalakoski

  • Min-max number of students: 10-20

    In questions concerning course content, please contact Iida Kalakoski: iida.kalakoski(a)

Introduction to Control (CANCELLED)

  • Language of instruction: English

  • Number of ECTS: 5

  • Course code: ASE-1258

  • Discipline: Automatic control

  • Level of studies: Basic

  • Learning outcomes: After the course the student knows

    • the potential and limitations of decision & control both within and beyond control engineering

    • typical control structures

    • connections, roles and nature of control system components

    • PID and feedforward control

    • creation of simple mathematical models in time and frequency domains  and model conversations

    • terms and concepts including performance specifications

    • analysis and minor synthesis on stability, accuracy, transient dynamics and their sensitivity

    • use of Matlab, Simulink, Control System Toolbox and Symbolic Toolbox

    • communication and co-operation on the issues with other people.

  • Working methods: self-studies before the course, a lecture&exercise combination each day, mandatory Matlab sessions, two Group Works, a Guest/Research Lecture, Learning Diary, Open Book Calculus Exam and Boss Exam.

  • Evaluation: Group works +  verbal Boss Exam + Open Book Calculus Exam + Learning Diary

  • Teacher responsible: Terho Jussila

  • Course material: Notes, slides and work instructions by the teacher, some sections of, Chapter 1 on Modern Control Systems by Dorf and Bishop, e-books available in TUT, scientific papers, Wikipedia, Web-sites of companies.

  • Min-max number of students: 10-24

    In questions concerning course content, please contact Terho Jussila: terho.jussila(a)

Super Site Specific - Change - in, with and for the city  (CANCELLED)

A hands on and “super site specific” approach to topics such as community empowerment, citizen participation and urban planning/design. Learn how to change - in, with and for the city.

The course is interdisciplinary and relevant for students from a wide range of studies - the arts, humanities, social and human sciences. The aim is to discover these specialisations as a part of a complex whole - linked to an everyday in a concrete urban society - and learn how to keep it complex by situated collaboration.

The course will cover aspects from the sensory, the social and societal - linking the spatial and the social by for example combining a design with organisational aspects.

Please note! This course will be held on-site outside Tampere. The course will take place in the city of Salo. First day and registration in Tampere - following days in Salo. The students will have to cover their own accommodation (we recommend Vuohensaari Camping) and traveling costs. More information on how to get to Salo and other arrangements will be provided for the selected students.


  • Language of instruction: English

  • Number of ECTS: 4

  • Course code: ARK-81000

  • Discipline: Urban planning/geography/anthropology/arts etc

  • Level of studies: Basic/intermediate

  • Learning method: Field work (9 days) in groups on-site.

  • Learning outcomes:

    • Understanding and working in  complex urban dynamics.

    • Creating concrete projects that can inspire local change.

  • Evaluation: Essay/Group project

  • Teacher responsible: Panu Lehtovuori / Jens Brandt

  • Course material: TBA

  • Teaching: 15-25

  • Min-max number of students:

    In questions concerning course content, please contact Panu Lehtovuori: panu.lehtovuori(a) or Jens Brandt: jens.brandt(a)

Tampere Composites Challenge (2 ECTS)

The course is a competition for students to design, build and test a polymer composite part according to given specifications. The work is done in teams and the teams are sorted during the first day. The more detailed requirements for the task as well as the scoring spreadsheet will be sent to the students beforehand. Success in the competition requires application of engineering principles and theory, and effective teamwork. The competition is sponsored by SAMPE Finland and Finnish composite companies and offers students a great possibility to network with the industry. The winners will be rewarded.

Please note! This course will be organised at the Tampere University of Technology (TUT) campus in Hervanta, about 10 kilometres from the Tampere city centre. TUT is easily accessible from the city centre via bus, but the students will need to pay for the bus tickets themselves. More information on how to get to TUT will be provided for the selected students of this course.


  • Language of instruction: English

  • Number of ECTS: 2

  • Course code: MOL-92236 (Special Treatise on Materials Science)

  • Discipline: Material science (Polymer composites)

  • Level of studies: intermediate/advanced

  • Learning outcomes: Students learn about composite structures, structural design and testing and to apply this knowledge in practice. In addition, students get experience on project working.

  • Evaluation: Other

  • Teacher responsible: Mikko Kanerva / Essi Sarlin

  • Course material: A more detailed description, the rules and the scoring spreadsheet are sent to the participating students a month before the course. In addition, the students are advised to go through theory on composites and structural design. The background of the students will be taken into account when sorting the groups. All materials, software and test facilities needed to accomplish the tasks are provided by TUT and sponsors.

  • Min-max number of students: 10-20

    In questions concerning course content, please contact Mikko Kanerva: mikko.kanerva(a) or Essi Sarlin: essi.sarlin(a)