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Guide for International Exchange Students

For more information  about Tamy, please contact

Student Union of University of Tampere
Specialist, International Affairs
Yliopistonkatu 60 A, 33100 Tampere
Tel: +358 50 361 2849
E-mail: international (at)
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Student Union


You are warmly welcome to take part in all the Student Union of the University of Tampere's (Tamy for short) activities and make use of the benefit services guaranteed by the membership! The purpose of Tamy is to supervise students' interests and protect their rights within the University and in society. While Tamy is both financially and administratively independent from the University, it has representatives in the University administration. Tamy provides significant services for students completely or partially funded by the Student Union, including health care.

Student Union membership is compulsory by law for all degree seeking students at Bachelor's and Master's level at Finnish universities. For exchange and visiting students the membership is voluntary but highly recommended. Tamy's membership fee is 116€ for the academic year 2016–2017. If staying just for the autumn or spring semester, the fee is reduced to half. The payment must be remitted before registration every academic year. For postgraduate (Doctoral) students, membership is voluntary and the annual fee is 49€, since membership benefits are limited for postgraduate students: They neither include health care nor discounts in public transport, and the meal prizes in university cafeterias are somewhat higher. When paying the fee, it is possible to support Tamy's development co-operation project in India or development co-operation within the National Union of University Students in Finland.

The blue student card for degree students identifies you as a student and a member of Tamy and entitles you to Tamy's services and special student benefits. By showing the card, you are entitled to student-priced lunches at all Juvenes student restaurants in universities around Finland. Furthermore, you get significant discounts on trains, long distance buses, local traffic, and in a number of museums, theatres, concert events and shops. The Tamy card also gives you access to the Student Health Care Center's (YTHS) services. In addition, a van on hire, fax machine, meeting rooms, short-term loans and legal counselling services are available for all members at Tamy's offices. For international students, Tamy offers a basic kitchen Starting Kit with some tableware and cutlery at a reasonable price.

Tamy also has different organizations and associations offering various leisure activities that can help to counterbalance your studies. All students have their own student association according to their field of study. In addition, Erasmus Student Network (ESN) organizes activities, which aim to bring international and Finnish students together. All ESN meetings are held in English, and you are more than welcome to join them. For more information, check out the ESN's web pages. International Students of Tampere (ISOT) represents international degree students at the University of Tampere. ISOT organizes parties, trips and other events, including academic and career-related events.

Tamy's Student Associations

Tutorial Guidance

The University appoints a tutor to every incoming international student. Student associations play an important role in recruiting volunteers. Tutors are fellow students, and the usual practice is to have a pair of tutors responsible for a group of international students. Tutors can help you locate your school, open a bank account or help you find your way to your residence.

To find out more about what's going on in Tampere and at the University, subscribe to the English email list called IS List. Remember also to check out Tamy’s English web-pages from time to time.

For more infomation about Tamy, contact:

Student Union of University of Tampere
Specialist, International Affairs
Yliopistonkatu 60 A, 2nd floor, 33100 Tampere
Tel: +358 50 361 2849
E-mail: international (at)

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