Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine and Biotechnology

Degree: Doctor of Medicine (MD), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Licentiate of Philosophy (PhL)

Duration:  4 years

Extent:  240 ECTS

When to apply:  on a continuous base

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The doctoral programme in biomedicine and biotechnology is a uniquely multidisciplinary programme which focuses on

  • molecular biology
  • biomedicine
  • biotechnology
  • bioinformatics
  • cell biology
  • tissue technology
  • medical technology
  • biosensor technology and
  • systems biology.

The programme offers high-level education in the above-mentioned areas and the graduates are competitive researchers and experts in Finland and abroad.

Studies aiming for a doctoral degree will be completed in the BioMediTech's research centers and groups.



General eligibility and assessment criteria

Programme-specific requirements and assessment criteria

Registration requires commitment by the student to the policies of the programme. Compared to the "traditional" PhD-training the doctoral programme in biomedicine and biotechnology emphasizes the importance of regular follow up of progress, an active role of the Thesis Committee, and a curriculum for the theoretical studies required for PhD degree. The faculty also encourages collaboration between other Finnish and international research groups and promotes professional attitude towards research.

All registered students must also follow the general regulations for all graduate students at UTA.

Admission to the programme

In order to register the student must fill in the application and registration form and send it together with the required appendices either to head of study affairs or to study secretary:

BioMediTech (UTA)
Head of Study Affairs
Marjatta Viilo / Arvo C222
33014 University of Tampere

Contact information

Henna Mattila
+358 40 190 9756

Marjatta Viilo
Education Coordinator
+358 50 365 7133