Pre-arrival Information

NB: The information on these pages was valid for the 2018 intake

Now that you have been admitted to the University of Tampere, there are important things to do in preparation of moving to another country and starting your studies at UTA. This might be a stressful time, but do not worry! When you have taken care of the things listed below you are already well on your way!

Residence permit and work permit

For up-to-date information on entry to Finland, please see the website of Finnish Immigration Service

Foreign nationals must generally register their right of residence in Finland but the ways to do this depends on their country of origin.

EU/EEA Nationals

EU and EEA nationals and non-EU nationals with a comparable status (Liechtenstein, Switzerland) do not need a visa nor a residence permit. However, they need to register their right of residence with Finnish Immigration Service service point if they stay in Finland for more than 90 days. The Finnish Immigration Service service point handle the registration, except for Nordic nationals, who are registered at the Local Register Office (maistraatti in Finnish). It is a good idea to register as soon as possible after arriving in Finland. Not registering might cause problems if the international student gets into an accident or has to be in contact with the police or is claiming for damages. Registering might also be recommended or even required if one wants to take on a temporary job and/or for taxation purposes. A written certificate of registration will be given once the authorities have confirmed that the requirements for the registration are met.
Contact information

Service point of the Finnish Immigration Service
Street address: Itsenäisyydenkatu 11, Tampere
Office hours: Monday-Wednesday and Friday 8–16.15 (closed on Thursdays)
Appointment system link

Non-EU/EEA Nationals

Students that come from outside the EU, countries within the European Economic Area (EEA) or from outside the other Nordic countries usually need a residence permit in order to stay in Finland for a longer period of time, that is, for 90 days or longer.

A residence permit allows one to live, stay and travel in Finland and to leave and re-enter the country during the validity of the permit. The applicant has to have a valid passport or other travel document in order to be issued a residence permit. The first residence permit must be applied personally at the Finnish embassy or consulate in the applicant’s home country. As biometric authentication has become more common, fingerprints are collected from all applicants. All students are required to visit a Finnish embassy in person to give their fingerprints, no exceptions are made. Applications will not be processed before the biometric details have been given at the embassy. The final decision is always made by  Finnish Immigration Service.

When applying for a residence permit, a financial statement is also required. Students will be requested to show that they have sufficient funds to support themselves during their stay in Finland. The Finnish Immigration Service has estimated the income requirement to be 560 euros per month or 6720 euros per year. One is required to show a statement of sufficient funds annually. In addition, students must attach a copy of their comprehensive health insurance coverage to the application. Comprehensive insurance coverage refers to an insurance that covers the types of treatment and costs that are otherwise covered by municipal services and the health insurance system. Please, see the chapter “Health Insurance” under “Health Care” for more information.

Finnish missions abroad by country (Website of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland)

Finnish Personal Identity Code

All new exchange and degree students will need a Finnish personal identity code for UTA’s student register and for the national data warehouse in higher education. Non-European students should apply for it before their entry to Finland along with their residence permit application. Other students can obtain it from the Local Registration Office, see our page Local registration. Once you have been granted the personal identity code, you have to present this document together with your passport/identity card at UTA’s Registrar’s Office.

In addition to the UTA student register, the Finnish personal identity code will be needed as a means of identification in a variety of situations, for example, banks and hospitals.

Read more about the Personal Identity Code and the significance of a home municipality on the website Population Register Centre.

Contact information

Local Register Office (Tampereen maistraatti)
Street address: Hatanpään valtatie 24
Tel: 029 553 9431
Office hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-16:15

Extension of Residence Permit

A residence permit for students is usually granted for one year at a time. In order to be granted an extension, in addition to the above mentioned requirements, you should be able to show advancement in your studies, a minimum of 45 ECTS credits per academic year is the usual requirement. The application for an extension is submitted to Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) office in Tampere. The application should be submitted online.

Contact information

Finnish Immigration Service

Address in Tampere: Itsenäisyydenkatu 11

Open: Monday–Wednesday and Friday 8–16.15.

Closed on Thursdays.

Working during studies

An increasing number of international students would like to work while studying. The Finnish labour legislation applies to everyone working in Finland, regardless of their nationality. Likewise, all employers are obliged to pay employment pension contributions as well as social security, unemployment security and accident insurance contributions for foreign employees as well.

EU/EEA Nationals

EU and EEA nationals and nationals of Switzerland can work in Finland without restrictions if the duration of the work period does not exceed three months. After that, they must register their right of residence in Finland, but they do not need a special residence permit nor work permit.

Non-EU/EEA Nationals

Students coming from outside the EU and EEA countries and who have been granted a residence permit on the basis of studying are allowed to work full time only if the work is study-related, i.e. practical training or a research project required for the degree. Otherwise an average of 25 hours of part-time work weekly during study terms is allowed and does not need to be study-related. The number of working hours is not restricted during holiday season. HOWEVER (and this cannot be stressed enough), note that there are exceptions depending on the student’s status, e.g. scholarship, private arrangement, etc.

For more information, please see the website of the Finnish Immigration Service.

Health Insurance and Services

EU/EEA Nationals

Nationals of the EU, EEA countries and Switzerland are eligible to apply for a European Health Insurance Card which gives them access to medically necessary, state-provided healthcare under the same conditions and at the same cost (free in some countries) as people insured in that country. Cards are issued by one’s national health insurance provider. A person without any type of insurance card has to cover the costs of public health care services him/herself.

Students coming from any of the Nordic countries are entitled to health care services according to the Nordic Social Security Agreement. Finland has social security agreements with some other countries as well. For more information, please see the website of the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela).

If you do not have a European Health Insurance Card, a relevant valid document nor an insurance policy, you will be charged full costs for the services (the actual expense of the medical care).

For up-to-date information, please see the website of the city of Tampere. Health insurance is also highly recommended to EU/EEA nationals as Finnish national medical insurance does not cover, for example, the costs of possible repatriation. The University of Tampere is not responsible for any medical charges incurred by its students.

Further information on insurances is available on the national Study in Finland website and the website of Finnish Immigration Services.

Non-EU/EEA Nationals

If you are a non-EU/EEA national, you are required to take out an insurance policy when you apply for a residence permit. Without insurance, the expenses might be very high. For instance, a full day in a hospital often costs hundreds of euros to a patient without health insurance. Therefore, health insurance must be valid throughout the entire study period.

For a study period of less than two years, the student must have private insurance which covers the costs of medical treatment up to 100,000 euros. If the study period is longer than two years, the student will usually have a municipality of residence in Finland, and is therefore entitled to municipal health care services. In such cases, the sufficient coverage of the insurance will be up to 30,000 euros (also doctor’s fees and costs of treatment and examination are covered).

Further information on insurances is available on the national Study in Finland website and the website of Finnish Immigration Services.

Student Health Services

For Bachelor’s and Master’s level degree students and exchange and visiting students who have paid their Tamy membership fee, health care services are provided by the Finnish Student Health Service, FSHS (in Finnish Ylioppilaiden terveydenhoitosäätiö, YTHS). FSHS runs Health Centres in 13 university cities. To use these services, you must have a valid student card. Doctoral students are not entitled to use FSHS services.

In Tampere, there are two FSHS Health Centres, one next to the Linna Building and the other in Hervanta on the campus of the Tampere University of Technology. The services include free medical examinations and consultations, free vaccinations and general medical treatment. A small fee is charged for dental treatment and appointments with specialists. FSHS provides basic health care and does not perform extensive medical operations.

For contact information and appointment/cancellation numbers, please see the website of FSHS.

Other Health Services in Tampere

FSHS is closed in the evenings and on weekends, so if you need medical attention during such times, contact either a private clinic (remember the insurance!) or municipal health services. If you are in urgent need of medical treatment, go to the Emergency Clinic Acuta, located at the Tampere University Hospital. The emergency service is not free of charge, so make sure you have a proper health insurance.

Municipal Telephone Health Service
Tel 03 100 23
Information, medical advising and GP appointment booking between 7:00-22:00

Emergency Clinic Acuta at the Tampere University Hospital
Tel 03 311 611
Open 24 h
Address: Teiskontie 35, K-Building (next to Kauppi campus)

More information on health services of the city of Tampere

Private Clinics

Health insurance also covers medical consultation in private clinics. In case of minor injuries, most private clinics are able to provide you with the assistance you require. There are many private clinics in Tampere, such as Koskiklinikka, Mehiläinen, Terveystalo and Pihlajalinna.


Finnish universities do not have on-campus dormitories. In larger cities, apartments are rented to students by a housing foundation. Housing for students in Tampere is administrated by the Tampere Student Housing Foundation (TOAS).

Opiskelijan Tampere is a non-profit organization providing 'INT Housing' accommodation for students studying in Tampere during the autumn semester.

Please note that the housing options below are the safest for your money - be aware of scams offering non-existent rooms and flats in Tampere and elsewhere in Finland.


Room reservations are made in the order the applications are received by TOAS. Be quick to apply!
TOAS website


Housing for students in Tampere is administered mainly by TOAS - Tampere Student Housing Foundation (Tampereen seudun opiskelija-asuntosäätiö TOAS), which maintains and rents out student accommodation. TOAS has a quota of furnished flats (with a bed, mattress, desk, chair and a bookshelf) reserved for international students.

International students have a fixed term tenancy agreement with TOAS. Tenancy agreements cannot be ended earlier. All students may extend their tenancy agreements if needed. The time periods of tenancy agreements are as follows:

Degree students: August-May
Exchange students autumn: August-December (see also INT Housing accommodation for autumn semester)
Exchange students spring: January - May

International students should apply for a TOAS flat by filling in the online application form on the TOAS website. The application period for TOAS accommodation is 15th of May – 30th of June for autumn semester arrivals and 15th of October – 30th of November for spring semester arrivals. The application period might be closed sooner than announced, if there are too many applicants.

The housing situation may be problematic in the autumn. However, if you apply early you will usually have no difficulties in getting TOAS accommodation. You may fill in an application already before you have been accepted to UTA and you have not lived in Finland during the previous semester. In case you will not be accepted into the University of Tampere your application will be cancelled by TOAS.

Housing Offer

The applicant receives information on how to pay the deposit and the reservation fee together with the housing offer. Housing offers will be sent via email. By paying the deposit, the applicant approves the offer and it will be considered a contract. If the applicant fails to pay the deposit by the deadline, the offer will expire and the room in question will be offered to the next applicant on the waiting list.

Rooms and Amenities

TOAS offers housing in shared apartments or shared rooms in different locations. The monthly rents range from 200 € to 300 €. In addition to the monthly rent, a usage and amenity fee for electricity, hot and cold water, etc. needs to be paid. The housing includes a bed and mattress, table, chair and bookshelf (bedding and dishes are not included).

Each TOAS building has its own laundry facility, sauna and common room. Every TOAS building also has an internet connection free of charge. Smoking in both the flats and the staircase is strictly forbidden. Please note that each tenant is responsible for the cleanliness of the communal areas and their own room, and for maintaining silence at night.

Furnished Locations for International Students>

Lapinniemi area (2,5 km from UTA)

City centre (1 km)

Lukonmäki area (5 km, for degree students)

Kaukajärvi area (8 km, for degree students)

INT Housing

Accommodation through the INT Housing Programme is available for the autumn semester only!
Application period for students arriving for the autumn semester opens on 16th May.

Instructions for applicants, terms of agreement and application form

INT Housing (International Housing Programme) is a shared programme of the three universities of Tampere, the City of Tampere and Opiskelijan Tampere (Student's Tampere) association. Opiskelijan Tampere is a non-profit organization that offers comprehensive services to support students, such housing service, information on student benefits in Tampere, various events, job services, and leisure activities. Please see Opiskelijan Tampere website for further information.

INT Housing is directed especially to exchange students who will be staying only for the autumn semester. Also students who are left outside the TOAS quota can apply for these flats.

Please note that the INT Housing programme takes place only in the autumn semester (August-December). The rental agreements will be fixed-term agreements. The programme is a substitute for TOAS accommodation and you should only accept one apartment offer of the two.

Housing and Communications Secretary

Tuomas Himmanen (Mr.)
Email: housing(a)
Tel:  +358 50 374 8191

Apartments and Amenities

The apartments available for students are shared family apartments for 2-6 students of same gender with single or shared rooms, shared common spaces and possibly a private sauna. The prices vary between 250-475 euros/month, depending on the room type, location and the number of flatmates. Kitchenware and bed linen are not included. Electricity is not included in the rent. The apartments are located around Tampere within reach of public transport.

Housing Anywhere

Information on this housing option will be available soon

Temporary accommodation

In the beginning of the academic year, the Opiskelijan Tampere (Student's Tampere) association organizes short term accommodation for students who have not been successful with getting housing before arriving to Tampere or whose lease starts after arrival. More information can be found at the Opiskelijan Tampere Temporary Accommodation website.

Budget Accommodation for Students Arriving outside Office Hours

Hotels/Hostels within a walking distance from the Railway Station

Hotels/hostels within a short local bus ride from the city centre:

Arriving in Tampere

Flights to Helsinki arrive at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (20 km from Helsinki). Tampere is located within easy reach by bus or train from Helsinki, the journey takes about two hours. Please see the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport website for information and timetables. A direct train service is also available from the port for those arriving in Turku by ferry from Sweden.

Tampere-Pirkkala Airport is 17 km southwest of the city centre of Tampere. There is a regular bus connection between Terminal 1 and the centre of Tampere, please see the Tampere-Pirkkala Airport website for timetables. The airport taxi to the city centre costs about 20 €. A regular taxi to the city centre costs 35-40 €. Once in Tampere, the University Main Building is within a short walking distance from both the railway station and the bus station.

Visit Tampere website offers plenty of useful information on the City of Tampere.

If you have any problems or questions about your arrival and/or studies in Tampere, please contact the International Office personnel!

Welcome to Tampere!