In love with Finland

Master's Degree Programme in Software Development,
School of Information Sciences

ThrushnaIndian Thrushna Nalam came to Finland in the autumn of 2012, and now she is in her second year of the Master's Degree Programme in Software Development at the School of Information Sciences. Currently, she is also working as a freelance website developer, and hopes to find a permanent job in Tampere.

The study of software development deals with different software development approaches, requirements management, software modelling and specification, the i mplementation and testing of software, and software project management. After graduating, students have the skills to participate in demanding and comprehensive software projects. From Thrushna’s point of view, the future of the software trade seems bright, and she points out that the field is not just about coding and programming: it also involves development and publication.

Originally Thrushna heard about Tampere from her brother, who worked for the Nokia Corporation before she came to the University of Tampere. The city has made a big impact on her:

I definitely love Finland! People here are nice and the city is beautiful and green. Here you have also the winter and snow – it’s like a fairy-tale to me!

She says that in Finland, everything is very straightforward, and Finns and Europeans in general are very different from the people of her home country. She also loves the Finnish silence and feels that India is too crowded for her. She does however miss Indian culture and the spicy food. She reports that after returning from a trip to her home country last summer, she came back with two suitcases – one case was just for spices!

Thrushna also praises Finnish education. Here, she says, the professors are real professionals. Someone will always help you; even when you study at an advanced level there’s always a chance to improve your grades.

Text: Terhi Meriläinen
Photo: Jonne Renvall