Imaneh Ameli

MDP in Global and Transnational StudiesImaneh

I am Imaneh Ameli from Iran. I hold a Master’s Degree in Communication Science from the University of Tehran and have worked two years as Public Relations specialist. Currently, I am in the second year of Master’s programme in Global and Transnational Studies at the University of Tampere. Before coming to Finland, I had no clue how it looks like here except I watched a lot of videos about sauna! That's why in my first weekend here, I went to a summer cottage with Finnish and international students and experienced sauna and lake. I was so amazed about the stunning nature in Finland and especially in Tampere. Also sometimes when I am walking, my head is up watching the sky - the clouds seem always close and I feel like I could catch them!

But, back to earth and serious stuff. I believe that for understanding the Finnish culture, you should hang out with Finns to realise how modest and down-to-earth they are. I learned that in addition to the people at the university, it is also important to mingle with the people in the real society. That's why I joined Twinkle2015, a co-creation event for international talents and companies. Now Twinkle is an active international association and I have the honor to be a board member there. 

Studying at a Finnish university taught me that everything can go forward smoothly from the application process until becoming a graduate. Professors and teachers are very approachable and you can easily discuss your concerns with them. Moreover, student life is very active in Tampere and I enjoy participating in different events. There is always something going on, you never get bored! 

Plus, if you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur after your graduation, Tampere offers you great opportunities for it. There are different innovation platforms in Tampere which cooperate with the university, and you can benefit from them already while studying. For me, nothing is better than having an active and goal-orientated life and Tampere is giving me all the support I need!