Thao Nguyen

MDP in Media EducationThao

I am Thao Nguyen, a 25-year-old Vietnamese. I am now in my second year of the Master’s Degree Programme in Media Education at the University of Tampere.

Got inspired by some friends’ sharing who were also students in Finland, and I decided to seek a chance to this Scandinavian country. So, consequently came my first longest and furthest journey away from home. Tampere is a cozy developed city which is not too crowded nor cold, thus matches my preference pretty well. The multicultural environment here put me more at ease when I initially tried to adapt to my new surroundings, both local and international people were very friendly.

Studying in Tampere has been enjoyable with a moderate study load and a well-equipped learning environment. My major is among the new disciplines opened for international students at UTA, however, things have progressed smoothly thanks to the supportive faculty and peers. Besides joining in frequent activities organised by the Student Union, I also socialize and have fun through the city’s Friends and Family Programme (pairing with a Finnish family for culture exchange) and other fascinating local events. Moreover, my journey has taken me beyond this town as I have had chances to attend field trips to other places. In addition, I did an internship in Greece through the ERASMUS programme last summer. Those unexpected opportunities have been highly valuable and remain as unforgettable memories during my study in Finland.

So far, I feel totally satisfied to have opted for the option to come to Finland. Also, I am really intrigued to continue my path. I am eager to share little stories of my journey with prospective students - with the hope that they will be helpful for your own future journey!