City, Diversity, and Geopolitics -seminar

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Virta Building lecture room Ls 120, address: Åkerlundinkatu 5


JKK/TRUST project

The two prestigious keynote speakers of this afternoon seminar address urban spaces as sites of multiple diversities, contestations, and conflicts and explain how this relates to banal geopolitics.

Professor David Kaplan (Kent State University, USA) discusses the attempts to categorize and understand the ways in which cultural diversity manifests itself in urban space and how we can consider the differential nature of multicultural neighborhoods. His empirical work relates especially to Paris. Dr. Adam Ramadan (University of Birmingham, UK) talks about one of the most basic and ubiquitous spaces of urban hospitality, the hotel, connecting it to urban architectures of (in)security, war, displacement, and peacemaking. Hotels in the Middle East and the Balkans exemplify how these spaces act as projections of soft power and targets of political violence, but also provide ‘emergency’ hospitality and care.
13:15–13:30  Welcome by Professor Pauliina Raento
13:30–14:15  Keynote lecture by Professor David Kaplan ”Conceptualizing Multicultural Neighborhoods”
14:15-14:30  Reflections by Dr. Elisa Pascucci
Coffee Break
15:00–15:45  Keynote lecture by Dr. Adam Ramadan “Hotel Geopolitics: Urban Hospitality on the Front Line"
15:45–16:00 Reflections by Docent Anna-Kaisa Kuusisto
16:00–16:30 Discussion

The seminar is open to the public, free of charge. Please register for coffee by Thursday 28 September.

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Docent Anna-Kaisa Kuusisto, tel. 040 190 4019