Critical Theory, Temporality and Global Violence: Contemporary Themes in Peace and Conflict

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Linna-building, lecture hall K103 (Kalevantie 5)

The open lecture is organized by Tampere Peace Research Institute (TAPRI) and built around professor Oliver Richmond’s visit to the University of Tampere.

Chair: professor Tarja Väyrynen (TAPRI, University of Tampere)

Professor Luc Reychler (University of Leuven):  "The role of time in conflict and peace dynamics"

  • Doctor Luc Reychler is a former professor of international relations at the University of Leuven and he was a director of the Center for Peace Research and Strategic Studies (CPRS). His research interests include sustainable peace building architecture; planning and evaluation of violence prevention and peace building interventions; comparative evaluation of peace negotiations; and leadership.

Professor Oliver Richmond (University of Manchester): "Peace and the crisis of critical theory and international system"

  • Doctor Oliver Richmond is a professor of International Relations, Peace & Conflict Studies at the University of Manchester. His research focus is on peace and conflict theory and its inter-linkages with IR theory; peace formation and its relation to state formation, statebuilding, and peacebuilding.

professor Tarja Väyrynen
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