Economics in health care

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Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Building G, G00-10 Auditorium. Address: Kuntokatu 3


Tampere University of Technology, University of Tampere, Tampere University of Applied Sciences


Tampere University of Technology (TUT), University of Tampere (UTA), and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) launch a series of afternoon seminars on Health@Tampere3.

The idea is to bring together stakeholders within health research and business to network and plan new openings in the framework of Tampere3.

The fourth seminar will be dedicated to economics in health care. Tiina Vaittinen (UTA) will act as a moderator and the audience is encouraged to participate discussions with the speakers.

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This is an excellent venue to get new views before the TUTKIMUKSELLA HYVINVOINTIIN 2040 -seminar on 6.10.2017 (ARVO F114, 8:30-->)



Moderator Tiina Vaittinen, UTA

13:00 - 13:10 Opening words / Päivi Karttunen, Vice President, TAMK

13:10 - 13:25 Evidence-based - and ethically sustainable - healthcare / Teppo Järvinen, HUCH

13:25 - 13:40 Beyond health economics - patient's perspective / Sinikka Torkkola, UTA

13:40 - 13:55 Why is it so difficult to use evidence on cost-effectiveness in health care? / Juha Teperi, UTA

14:00 - 14:45 Networking café

14:45 - 15:00 Health economics research in UTA / Leena Forma, UTA

15:00 - 15:15 Evaluating the economic impact of different interventions in healthcare / Jari Paranko, TUT

15:15 - 15:30 Business challenges in Health companies / Pia Hautamäki, TAMK

15:30 - 15.50 Horizon 2020 - funding opportunities in the health sector and success of Tampere Region / Petra Kortelainen, Tampere Region EU office     

15:50 - 16:00 Closing and next seminar




For more information, please contact: Mika Saarinen,