European Internal Audit - Training Programme Offer

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University main building, lecture hall D10a (Address: Kalevantie 4)


School of Management

Open Guest Lecture by Camille Braun (ECB)

Camille Braun

The presentation aim to provide students and all other interested with information on the European Internal Audit programme. The presentation begins with a general description of internal auditing in ECB system.

Presentation programme:

  • The ECB
  • The Eurosystem
  • Banking supervision in Europe
  • Internal audit in the Eurosystem/Single Supervisory Mechanism context
  • Presentation of our trainee programme

The internal audit directorate of the European Central Bank (ECB), together with the members of the Internal Auditors’ Committee, is  going to launch a graduate trainee programme. Internal Auditors’ Committee is a body composed of the Chief Audit Executives of the central banks and national competent authorities of the Eurosystem.

The corner stones of the “European Internal Audit - Training Programme” by ECB:
·  Duration: 12 months, from 01/10/2018 to 30/09/2019; remunerated training programme without any commitment for further employment.
·  12 months organised in 4 modules: Module 1: Internal Audit – Standards, methodology, quality, audit approaches – an introduction at the ECB with seminar style learning and tutored practicing. Module 2: Practical experience in one Eurosystem Central Bank or National Competent Authority; Module 3: Practical Experience in another Eurosystem Central Bank or National Competent Authority; Module 4: Practical Experience at the ECB and completion of the training programme.
·  Roll-out of the programme: Presentations to selected universities between mid-October and end December.  Application and interviews from November 2017 to mid-February 2018. Decision on candidates: End May 2018.


More information in UTA, School of Management:
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