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Tiedon, tieteen, teknologian ja innovaatioiden tutkimuskeskus TaSTI

The aim of the Globelics Academy Ph.D. School is to support the training of Ph.D. students who utilise the innovation systems approach in the context of emerging or developing economies in their research. 

Globelics Academy brings together frontier researchers in innovation with Ph.D. students from developing countries in order to inspire and enhance their work as well as to help them to join high quality research networks in the field.

Globelics Academy aims at improving the students’ ability to undertake theoretically informed and policy-relevant empirical work on issues related to innovation in firms and societies, and on the relationship of innovation with economic development.

The Globelics Academy originates from and is connected to the world-wide research network Globelics ( which is bringing together scholars working on national systems of innovation.

Globelics Academy doctoral course 2017

Important dates

The deadline for abstracts and applications: 20 January 2017
Letters of acceptance sent to the students: 27 February 2017
Deadline for full papers: 7 April, 2017
Welcome session: Monday, 15 May, 2017
Lectures: 15-25 May, 2017


Please send all your questions to:

Mika Raunio
Academic Coordinator of GA2017