The Leadership for Change lecture by Lauri Veijalainen

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Paavo Koli -sali, Pinni A-rakennus, osoite: Kanslerinrinne 1


Master's Degree Programme in Leadership for Change

The Leadership for Change (LFC) Lectures bring together skillful leaders with experience in dealing with change.
Today’s societal challenges are complex and change processes require joint efforts of different sectors of society, which the wide variety of LFC lecturers reflects. The guest lecturer will be Lari Lauri Veijalainen.
Lauri Veijalainen is the Group CEO at Stockmann. In recent years, the Stockmann Group has faced challenges due to changes in the operating environment and customer behavior. At his LFC lecture, Mr Veijalainen will share his views on leading such complex change processes.

Mr Veijalainen also has a strong expertise in the Russian market and operational environment. In addition to Stockmann, he has held key positions in the Russian operations of Skanska and IKEA Group. The main focus of the lecture are thus the complexities related to doing business in Russia.

Comments by Prof Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen, University of Helsinki