The pathway towards entrepreneurial university

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Linna K103, osoite: Kalevantie 5.


Yuzhuo Cai

Associate professor YAO Wei (Zhejiang University, China) will give a public guest lecture on `The pathway towards entrepreneurial university – the case Zhejiang University in China´.

The lecture will be followed by the workshop on the role of government in regional innovation development. The lecture and workshop are open to all.
Associate professor Yao Wei works at the Research Institute of Development Strategy, Zhejiang University, China. His research interests include knowledge creation mechanism in university-industry collaboration, entrepreneurial university, innovation policy for emerging industries, and systematic innovation methodology.
The lecture of Yao Wei will deal with the experiences of what Zhejiang University of China has done towards the objective of entrepreneurial university. The lecturer will firstly talk about the background, why Zhejiang University decide to transform form traditional research-oriented university to entrepreneurial university, both on practical and theoretical side.

Secondly, the lecturer will focus on the strategy and mission of Zhejiang University. The last part of the lecture deals with what Zhejiang University has done and what the impacts are.