Peacebuilding and the Crisis of Policy-making

Alkaa kello

TAPRI, Linna Building, room 5014 (address: Kalevantie 5)

TAPRI Open Lecture by Professor David Chandler
(Director of the Centre for the Study of Democracy and Professor of International Relations, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Westminster, London)

The idea of peacebuilding seems to have come to its end. Its grounding assumptions that democracy, the rule of law and free markets can be a universal solution to conflict-prone states and societies are considered naive at best, and hubristic and Eurocentric, at worst. But is the end of peacebuilding a cause for celebration? Have we really entered a ‘post-liberal’ era? And what comes after it, if not a mere realist resignation to the world as it appears? David Chandler presents key findings from his new book “Peacebuilding – The Twenty Years’ Crisis 1997-2017”, charting the rise and fall of peacebuilding and revealing the discursive shifts in the self-understanding of the peacebuilding project in policy and academic debate.

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