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Welcome to the Open University!

The course offering of the Open University consists of separate courses as well as course entities of the degrees of the University of Tampere. The Open University is for everyone - regardless of age and previous studies. Teaching is organised in Tampere, Seinäjoki and Pori. In addition, distance learning is possible on many courses. Degrees cannot be completed in the open university.

Most of the studies offered are basic-level studies taught in Finnish. Only a few courses are taught in English. In order to complete the courses you must already have a good command of Finnish/English.

Open University studies are mainly targeted for those already living in Finland. It is usually not possible to get a long-term student residence permit to Finland based on Open University courses. You will find useful information about migration to Finland on the Finnish Immigration Service. Open University students are not entitled to the same financial or social benefits as degree students.

To become a student at the Open University, you must register as a student and pay the tuition fee. The tuition fee is 15 € / study credit (equivalent to ECTS credits). Registration is done through the online service. You can ask the course secretary or coordinator to assist you in completing the registration process. Please note that registration for the studies is binding.

The teaching at the Open University follows the curricula of the University of Tampere.

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