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Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine and Biotechnology

Journal Clubs and Research Seminars

Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine and Biotechnology has several journal clubs in different fields of biomedicine and a research seminar. They provide an inspirational forum for discussions on top scientific publications and on new discoveries and methodologies. These journal clubs and research seminars are led by professors and senior scientists of that particular field.

Generally, one of the participants acts as a presenter for a session. The presenter selects the article to be discussed and notifies of it to the other participants. All participants should read the article before the meeting. At the meeting, the presenter first introduces the article and then leads the discussion. The main focus area of the discussion depends on the article and the subject. They may include e.g. aspects on methodology, validity of the data and their interpretation and future areas of research.

All doctoral program students are welcome to attend these meetings.

Further information, please contact the person in charge of the journal club or the coordinator (henna.mattila(at)

Hydrogel Journal Club, 1-2 ECTS (2016-2017)

Time & Place: 3.10., 31.10., 28.11., 30.1., 27.2., 27.3., 24.4. and 29.5., starting at 15.00.
Place F213.
Organized by: BioMediTech (Tampere University of Technology and University of Tampere)
Responsible persons: Laura Koivusalo, Vesa Hytönen
General description: This Journal Club is intended for researchers of BioMediTech with specific interested related to HYDROGEL technology. The participants will get first-hand knowledge about the highly multidisciplinary research done in our own institute. Different topics such as designing hydrogel biomaterials, characterization methods, imaging requirements, biological response and applications in the medical and biotechnological field will be discussed. The goal of the Journal Club is to enhance networking of researchers with similar or parallel challenges and to spread the knowledge of all the possibilities we have in our institute but we might not know about. In practice this Journal Club will function so that each session starts with a thought provocative presentation or two on a particular hydrogel related subject and then the participants will have time to discuss the topics or questions raised by the starting presentation. The starting presentation can be given by one of the Journal Club participants or by an invited visiting scientist. The topic of next session will be decided democratically between the participants of previous session and it will be announced in BioMediTech email lists one week before the session. Topic of the first session will be Physical Characterization of Hydrogels, presented by Janne Koivisto. Structure of the course: Lectures (1 ECTS) and preparation of own presentation (1 ECTS).
Evaluation: Pass/Fail, compulsory attendance to 70% percentage of the sessions.
Course material: Material will be provided during the course, presentations will be made available.
Required earlier studies: Master’s students in the final part of their studies and PhD students can get ECTS from this
course. Post-doctoral researchers and lab personnel are free to join if they consider the day’s topic as interesting and relevant for them. Preference for participants with research related somehow to hydrogels, but you can also join just to learn more. Highly interdisciplinary background of participants is beneficial for all.
Applying: Further information and sign up for the first session by email to

The Cancer Biology Journal Club (2016-2017)

Aims and description: Cancer Biology Journal Club aims to provide a forum for in depth discussion of recent scientific discoveries in the field of cancer biology. The focus is how to critically read and evaluate research articles. Researchers (e.g. graduate and master’s students, post-docs, etc.) interested in cancer biology are warmly encouraged to attend.
When: On Wednesdays 9.30-10.30, 12.10., 2.11., 23.11., 14.12., 11.1., 1.2., 22.2.,15.3., 5.4., 26.4., 17.5., 7.6. and 28.6., once every three weeks.
Where: White meeting room, FM2, 4th floor
Credits: 2 ECTS
Person in charge: Daniela Ungureanu
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Science and biotechnology Journal Club, 2 ECTS (2016-2017)

Time and place: Thursdays 13.10., 27.10., 10.11., 24.11., 1.12., 15.12., 22.12., 12.1., 26.1., 9.2., 23.2. and 9.3. from  at 12.15 in B341 or F215 or F216 (see attachment)
Organized by: Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine and Biotechnology & BioMediTech, University of Tampere
Responsible teacher: Amirbabak Sioofy-Khojine
General description: The general purpose of this course is to facilitate the review and critical appraisal of a specific research study and to discuss implications of the study for the research in a specific field of study, in this case science and biotechnology.
This is as an educational session in which the students explore and discuss current articles, providing an opportunity for a group effort to keep up with the literature.
Required earlier studies: Master’s students, PhD students and post-doctoral fellows are eligible to apply, but preference will be given to PhD students. Only 20 students will be accepted to the course.
Applying: Further information and registration by sending an e-mail to
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"Genetics and pathogenesis of common killers" research seminars

Wed 8.2.2017 at 15.00
Emma Raitoharju: Circulatory microRNAs and glucose metabolism

Wed 1.3.2017 at 15.00
Pashupati Mishra: Identification of differentially methylated biological pathways among smokers

Wed 5.4.2017 at 15.00
Leena Hakkarainen: Correlation between Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroups and Cognitive Performance in Young Finns Study
Mikko Pyysalo: 1) Dental infectious burden of patients with intracranial aneurysm 2) The incidence of vascular events after tooth extraction

Wed 3.5.2017 at 15.00
Sari Tuomisto: Cardiovascular heart disease and gut bacteria

Place: ARVO, Meeting room F206
Refreshments available.

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