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Susanna Miettinen - Adult Stem Cell Group

Previous publications

Blanquer SBG, Gebraad AWH, Miettinen S, Poot AA, Grijpma DW, Haimi SP
Differentiation of adipose stem cells seeded towards annulus fibrosus cells on a designed poly(trimethylene carbonate) scaffold prepared by stereolithography.
J Tissue Eng Regen Med ;11(10)2752-2762, 2017

Leivo J, Virjula S, Vanhatupa S, Kartasalo K, Kreutzer J, Miettinen S, Kallio P
A durable and biocompatible ascorbic acid-based covalent coating method of polydimethylsiloxane for dynamic cell culture.
J R Soc Interface ;2017

Virjula S, Zhao F, Leivo J, Vanhatupa S, Kreutzer J, Vaughan TJ, Honkala AM, Viehrig M, Mullen CA, Kallio P, McNamara LM, Miettinen S
The effect of equiaxial stretching on the osteogenic differentiation and mechanical properties of human adipose stem cells.
J Mech Behav Biomed Mater ;2017

Thesleff T, Lehtimäki K, Niskakangas T, Huovinen S, Mannerström B, Miettinen S, Seppänen-Kaijansinkko R, Öhman J
Cranioplasty with Adipose-Derived Stem Cells, Beta-Tricalcium Phosphate Granules and Supporting Mesh: Six-Year Clinical Follow-Up Results.
Stem Cells Transl Med ;6(7)1576-1582, 2017

Björninen M, Gilmore K, Pelto J, Seppänen-Kaijansinkko R, Kellomäki M, Miettinen S, Wallace G, Grijpma D, Haimi S
Electrically Stimulated Adipose Stem Cells on Polypyrrole-Coated Scaffolds for Smooth Muscle Tissue Engineering.
Ann Biomed Eng ;45(4)1015-1026, 2017

Patrikoski M, Lee MHC, Mäkinen L, Ang XM, Mannerström B, Raghunath M, Miettinen S
Effects of Macromolecular Crowding on Human Adipose Stem Cell Culture in Fetal Bovine Serum, Human Serum, and Defined Xeno-Free/Serum-Free Conditions.
Stem Cells Int ;2017

Kattipparambil Rajan D, Patrikoski M, Verho J, Sivula J, Ihalainen H, Miettinen S, Lekkala J
Optical non-contact pH measurement in cell culture with sterilizable, modular parts.
Talanta ;2016

Sayyar S, Bjorninen M, Haimi S, Miettinen S, Gilmore K, Grijpma D, Wallace G
UV Cross-Linkable Graphene/Poly(trimethylene Carbonate) Composites for 3D Printing of Electrically Conductive Scaffolds.
ACS Appl Mater Interfaces ;8(46)31916-31925, 2016

Lappalainen OP, Karhula S, Haapea M, Kyllönen L, Haimi S, Miettinen S, Saarakkala S, Korpi J, Ylikontiola LP, Serlo WS, Sándor GK
Bone healing in rabbit calvarial critical-sized defects filled with stem cells and growth factors combined with granular or solid scaffolds.
Childs Nerv Syst ;32(4)681-8, 2016

Vuornos K, Björninen M, Talvitie E, Paakinaho K, Kellomäki M, Huhtala H, Miettinen S, Seppänen-Kaijansinkko R, Haimi S
Human Adipose Stem Cells Differentiated on Braided Polylactide Scaffolds Is a Potential Approach for Tendon Tissue Engineering.
Tissue Eng Part A ;22(5-6)513-23, 2016

Vanhatupa S, Ojansivu M, Autio R, Juntunen M, Miettinen S
Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 Induces Donor-Dependent Osteogenic and Adipogenic Differentiation in Human Adipose Stem Cells.
Stem Cells Transl Med ;4(12)1391-402, 2015

Zhao MD, Björninen M, Cao L, Wang HR, Pelto J, Li XQ, Hyttinen J, Jiang YQ, Kellomäki M, Miettinen S, Sándor GK, Seppänen R, Haimi S, Dong J
Polypyrrole coating on poly-(lactide/glycolide)-β-tricalcium phosphate screws enhances new bone formation in rabbits.
Biomed Mater ;10(6)065016, 2015

Hunter DJ, Bardet C, Mouraret S, Liu B, Singh G, Sadoine J, Dhamdhere G, Smith A, Tran XV, Joy A, Rooker S, Suzuki S, Vuorinen A, Miettinen S, Chaussain C, Helms JA
Wnt Acts as a Prosurvival Signal to Enhance Dentin Regeneration.
J Bone Miner Res ;30(7)1150-9, 2015

Ojansivu M, Vanhatupa S, Björkvik L, Häkkänen H, Kellomäki M, Autio R, Ihalainen JA, Hupa L, Miettinen S
Bioactive glass ions as strong enhancers of osteogenic differentiation in human adipose stem cells.
Acta Biomater ;2015

Pärssinen J, Hammarén H, Rahikainen R, Sencadas V, Ribeiro C, Vanhatupa S, Miettinen S, Lanceros-Méndez S, Hytönen VP
Enhancement of adhesion and promotion of osteogenic differentiation of human adipose stem cells by poled electroactive poly(vinylidene fluoride).
J Biomed Mater Res A ;103(3)919-28, 2015

Ahtiainen K, Sippola L, Nurminen M, Mannerström B, Haimi S, Suuronen R, Hyttinen J, Ylikomi T, Kellomäki M, Miettinen S
Effects of chitosan and bioactive glass modifications of knitted and rolled polylactide-based 96/4 L/D scaffolds on chondrogenic differentiation of adipose stem cells.
J Tissue Eng Regen Med ;9(1)55-65, 2015

Björninen M, Siljander A, Pelto J, Hyttinen J, Kellomäki M, Miettinen S, Seppänen R, Haimi S
Comparison of chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic Acid doped conductive polypyrrole films for adipose stem cells.
Ann Biomed Eng ;42(9)1889-900, 2014

Patrikoski M, Sivula J, Huhtala H, Helminen M, Salo F, Mannerström B, Miettinen S
Different culture conditions modulate the immunological properties of adipose stem cells.
Stem Cells Transl Med ;3(10)1220-30, 2014

Kuismanen K, Sartoneva R, Haimi S, Mannerström B, Tomás E, Miettinen S, Nieminen K
Autologous adipose stem cells in treatment of female stress urinary incontinence: results of a pilot study.
Stem Cells Transl Med ;3(8)936-41, 2014

Sándor GK, Numminen J, Wolff J, Thesleff T, Miettinen A, Tuovinen VJ, Mannerström B, Patrikoski M, Seppänen R, Miettinen S, Rautiainen M, Öhman J
Adipose stem cells used to reconstruct 13 cases with cranio-maxillofacial hard-tissue defects.
Stem Cells Transl Med ;3(4)530-40, 2014

Seppänen R, Miettinen S
[Bone to the chin from adipose-derived stem cells].
Duodecim ;130(19)2009-16, 2014

Kyllönen L, Haimi S, Säkkinen J, Kuokkanen H, Mannerström B, Sándor GK, Miettinen S
Exogenously added BMP-6, BMP-7 and VEGF may not enhance the osteogenic differentiation of human adipose stem cells.
Growth Factors ;31(5)141-53, 2013

Pelto JM, Haimi SP, Siljander AS, Miettinen SS, Tappura KM, Higgins MJ, Wallace GG
Surface properties and interaction forces of biopolymer-doped conductive polypyrrole surfaces by atomic force microscopy.
Langmuir ;29(20)6099-108, 2013

Sándor GK, Tuovinen VJ, Wolff J, Patrikoski M, Jokinen J, Nieminen E, Mannerström B, Lappalainen OP, Seppänen R, Miettinen S
Adipose stem cell tissue-engineered construct used to treat large anterior mandibular defect: a case report and review of the clinical application of good manufacturing practice-level adipose stem cells for bone regeneration.
J Oral Maxillofac Surg ;71(5)938-50, 2013

Peltoniemi HH, Salmi A, Miettinen S, Mannerström B, Saariniemi K, Mikkonen R, Kuokkanen H, Herold C
Stem cell enrichment does not warrant a higher graft survival in lipofilling of the breast: a prospective comparative study.
J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg ;66(11)1494-503, 2013

Pelto J, Björninen M, Pälli A, Talvitie E, Hyttinen J, Mannerström B, Suuronen Seppanen R, Kellomäki M, Miettinen S, Haimi S
Novel polypyrrole-coated polylactide scaffolds enhance adipose stem cell proliferation and early osteogenic differentiation.
Tissue Eng Part A ;19(7-8)882-92, 2013

Kyllönen L, Haimi S, Mannerström B, Huhtala H, Rajala KM, Skottman H, Sándor GK, Miettinen S
Effects of different serum conditions on osteogenic differentiation of human adipose stem cells in vitro.
Stem Cell Res Ther ;4(1)17, 2013

Wolff J, Sándor GK, Miettinen A, Tuovinen VJ, Mannerström B, Patrikoski M, Miettinen S
GMP-level adipose stem cells combined with computer-aided manufacturing to reconstruct mandibular ameloblastoma resection defects: Experience with three cases.
Ann Maxillofac Surg ;3(2)114-25, 2013

Ahtiainen K, Mauno J, Ellä V, Hagström J, Lindqvist C, Miettinen S, Ylikomi T, Kellomäki M, Seppänen R
Autologous adipose stem cells and polylactide discs in the replacement of the rabbit temporomandibular joint disc.
J R Soc Interface ;10(85)20130287, 2013

Diban N, Haimi S, Bolhuis-Versteeg L, Teixeira S, Miettinen S, Poot A, Grijpma D, Stamatialis D
Hollow fibers of poly(lactide-co-glycolide) and poly(ε-caprolactone) blends for vascular tissue engineering applications.
Acta Biomater ;9(5)6450-8, 2013

Patrikoski M, Juntunen M, Boucher S, Campbell A, Vemuri MC, Mannerström B, Miettinen S
Development of fully defined xeno-free culture system for the preparation and propagation of cell therapy-compliant human adipose stem cells.
Stem Cell Res Ther ;4(2)27, 2013

Tynkkynen LK, Lehto J, Miettinen S
Framing the decision to contract out elderly care and primary health care services - perspectives of local level politicians and civil servants in Finland.
BMC Health Serv Res ;2012

Sartoneva R, Haaparanta AM, Lahdes-Vasama T, Mannerström B, Kellomäki M, Salomäki M, Sándor G, Seppänen R, Miettinen S, Haimi S
Characterizing and optimizing poly-L-lactide-co-ε-caprolactone membranes for urothelial tissue engineering.
J R Soc Interface ;9(77)3444-54, 2012

Khanna-Jain R, Mannerström B, Vuorinen A, Sándor GK, Suuronen R, Miettinen S
Osteogenic differentiation of human dental pulp stem cells on β-tricalcium phosphate/poly (l-lactic acid/caprolactone) three-dimensional scaffolds.
J Tissue Eng ;3(1)2041731412467998, 2012

Sarkanen JR, Vuorenpää H, Huttala O, Mannerström B, Kuokkanen H, Miettinen S, Heinonen T, Ylikomi T
Adipose stromal cell tubule network model provides a versatile tool for vascular research and tissue engineering.
Cells Tissues Organs ;196(5)385-97, 2012

Miettinen S, Hakala T
Traumatic intercostal arterial bleeding controlled with a novel surgical technique: a case report.
J Med Case Rep ;2012

Nordback PH, Miettinen S, Kääriäinen M, Pelto-Huikko M, Kuokkanen H, Suuronen R
Amniotic membrane reduces wound size in early stages of the healing process.
J Wound Care ;21(4)190, 192-4, 196-7, 2012

Waselau M, Patrikoski M, Juntunen M, Kujala K, Kääriäinen M, Kuokkanen H, Sándor GK, Vapaavuori O, Suuronen R, Mannerström B, von Rechenberg B, Miettinen S
Effects of bioactive glass S53P4 or beta-tricalcium phosphate and bone morphogenetic protein-2 and bone morphogenetic protein-7 on osteogenic differentiation of human adipose stem cells.
J Tissue Eng ;3(1)2041731412467789, 2012

Sarkanen JR, Kaila V, Mannerström B, Räty S, Kuokkanen H, Miettinen S, Ylikomi T
Human adipose tissue extract induces angiogenesis and adipogenesis in vitro.
Tissue Eng Part A ;18(1-2)17-25, 2012

Thesleff T, Lehtimäki K, Niskakangas T, Mannerström B, Miettinen S, Suuronen R, Öhman J
Cranioplasty with adipose-derived stem cells and biomaterial: a novel method for cranial reconstruction.
Neurosurgery ;68(6)1535-40, 2011

Lindroos B, Suuronen R, Miettinen S
The potential of adipose stem cells in regenerative medicine.
Stem Cell Rev ;7(2)269-91, 2011

Sartoneva R, Haimi S, Miettinen S, Mannerström B, Haaparanta AM, Sándor GK, Kellomäki M, Suuronen R, Lahdes-Vasama T
Comparison of a poly-L-lactide-co-ε-caprolactone and human amniotic membrane for urothelium tissue engineering applications.
J R Soc Interface ;8(58)671-7, 2011

Tirkkonen L, Halonen H, Hyttinen J, Kuokkanen H, Sievänen H, Koivisto AM, Mannerström B, Sándor GK, Suuronen R, Miettinen S, Haimi S
The effects of vibration loading on adipose stem cell number, viability and differentiation towards bone-forming cells.
J R Soc Interface ;8(65)1736-47, 2011

Frantzén J, Pälli A, Kotilainen E, Heino H, Mannerström B, Huhtala H, Kuokkanen H, Sándor GK, Leino K, Röyttä M, Parkkola R, Suuronen R, Miettinen S, Aro HT, Haimi S
In Vivo and In Vitro Study of a Polylactide-Fiber-Reinforced β-Tricalcium Phosphate Composite Cage in an Ovine Anterior Cervical Intercorporal Fusion Model.
Int J Biomater ;2011

Lindroos B, Aho KL, Kuokkanen H, Räty S, Huhtala H, Lemponen R, Yli-Harja O, Suuronen R, Miettinen S
Differential gene expression in adipose stem cells cultured in allogeneic human serum versus fetal bovine serum.
Tissue Eng Part A ;16(7)2281-94, 2010

Khanna-Jain R, Agata H, Vuorinen A, Sándor GK, Suuronen R, Miettinen S
Addition of BMP-2 or BMP-6 to dexamethasone, ascorbic acid, and β-glycerophosphate may not enhance osteogenic differentiation of human periodontal ligament cells.
Growth Factors ;28(6)437-46, 2010

Jaakkola E, Mustonen A, Olsen P, Miettinen S, Savuoja T, Raams A, Jaspers NG, Shao H, Wu BL, Ignatius J
ERCC6 founder mutation identified in Finnish patients with COFS syndrome.
Clin Genet ;78(6)541-7, 2010

Khanna-Jain R, Vuorinen A, Sándor GK, Suuronen R, Miettinen S
Vitamin D(3) metabolites induce osteogenic differentiation in human dental pulp and human dental follicle cells.
J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol ;122(4)133-41, 2010

Haaparanta AM, Haimi S, Ellä V, Hopper N, Miettinen S, Suuronen R, Kellomäki M
Porous polylactide/beta-tricalcium phosphate composite scaffolds for tissue engineering applications.
J Tissue Eng Regen Med ;4(5)366-73, 2010

Rajala K, Lindroos B, Hussein SM, Lappalainen RS, Pekkanen-Mattila M, Inzunza J, Rozell B, Miettinen S, Narkilahti S, Kerkelä E, Aalto-Setälä K, Otonkoski T, Suuronen R, Hovatta O, Skottman H
A defined and xeno-free culture method enabling the establishment of clinical-grade human embryonic, induced pluripotent and adipose stem cells.
PLoS One ;5(4)e10246, 2010

Miettinen S, Hakkarainen T, Reinikainen M, Hakala T
[Gas in the abdominal cavity--due to cholecystitis caused by gas-producing bacteria].
Duodecim ;126(17)2055-7, 2010

Mäenpää K, Ellä V, Mauno J, Kellomäki M, Suuronen R, Ylikomi T, Miettinen S
Use of adipose stem cells and polylactide discs for tissue engineering of the temporomandibular joint disc.
J R Soc Interface ;7(42)177-88, 2010

Lindroos B, Boucher S, Chase L, Kuokkanen H, Huhtala H, Haataja R, Vemuri M, Suuronen R, Miettinen S
Serum-free, xeno-free culture media maintain the proliferation rate and multipotentiality of adipose stem cells in vitro.
Cytotherapy 2009 ;11(7)958-72

Miettinen S, Ylikomi T
Concomitant exposure of ovarian cancer cells to docetaxel, CPT-11 or SN-38 and adenovirus-mediated p53 gene therapy.
Anticancer Drugs 2009 ;20(7)589-600

Haimi S, Gorianc G, Moimas L, Lindroos B, Huhtala H, Räty S, Kuokkanen H, Sándor GK, Schmid C, Miettinen S, Suuronen R
Characterization of zinc-releasing three-dimensional bioactive glass scaffolds and their effect on human adipose stem cell proliferation and osteogenic differentiation.
Acta Biomater 2009 ;5(8)3122-31

Miettinen S, Grènman S, Ylikomi T
Inhibition of P-glycoprotein-mediated docetaxel efflux sensitizes ovarian cancer cells to concomitant docetaxel and SN-38 exposure.
Anticancer Drugs 2009 ;20(4)267-76

Haimi S, Suuriniemi N, Haaparanta AM, Ellä V, Lindroos B, Huhtala H, Räty S, Kuokkanen H, Sándor GK, Kellomäki M, Miettinen S, Suuronen R
Growth and osteogenic differentiation of adipose stem cells on PLA/bioactive glass and PLA/beta-TCP scaffolds.
Tissue Eng Part A 2009 ;15(7)1473-80

Haimi S, Moimas L, Pirhonen E, Lindroos B, Huhtala H, Räty S, Kuokkanen H, Sándor GK, Miettinen S, Suuronen R
Calcium phosphate surface treatment of bioactive glass causes a delay in early osteogenic differentiation of adipose stem cells.
J Biomed Mater Res A 2009 ;91(2)540-7

Lindroos B, Mäenpää K, Ylikomi T, Oja H, Suuronen R, Miettinen S
Characterisation of human dental stem cells and buccal mucosa fibroblasts.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun ;368(2)329-35, 2008

Hakkarainen T, Särkioja M, Lehenkari P, Miettinen S, Ylikomi T, Suuronen R, Desmond RA, Kanerva A, Hemminki A
Human mesenchymal stem cells lack tumor tropism but enhance the antitumor activity of oncolytic adenoviruses in orthotopic lung and breast tumors.
Hum Gene Ther 2007 ;18(7)627-41

Niemelä SM, Miettinen S, Konttinen Y, Waris T, Kellomäki M, Ashammakhi NA, Ylikomi T
Fat tissue: views on reconstruction and exploitation.
J Craniofac Surg 2007 ;18(2)325-35

Kalueff A, Loseva E, Haapasalo H, Rantala I, Keranen J, Lou YR, Minasyan A, Keisala T, Miettinen S, Kuuslahti M, Tuchimaa P
Thalamic calcification in vitamin D receptor knockout mice.
Neuroreport 2006 ;17(7)717-21

Kalueff AV, Keisala T, Minasyan A, Kuuslahti M, Miettinen S, Tuohimaa P
Behavioural anomalies in mice evoked by "Tokyo" disruption of the Vitamin D receptor gene.
Neurosci Res 2006 ;54(4)254-60

Kalueff AV, Minasyan A, Keisala T, Kuuslahti M, Miettinen S, Tuohimaa P
Increased severity of chemically induced seizures in mice with partially deleted Vitamin D receptor gene.
Neurosci Lett 2006 ;394(1)69-73

Sarvilinna N, Eronen H, Miettinen S, Vienonen A, Ylikomi T
Steroid hormone receptors and coregulators in endocrine-resistant and estrogen-independent breast cancer cells.
Int J Cancer 2006 ;118(4)832-40

Lou YR, Miettinen S, Kagechika H, Gronemeyer H, Tuohimaa P
Retinoic acid via RARalpha inhibits the expression of 24-hydroxylase in human prostate stromal cells.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2005 ;338(4)1973-81

Vienonen A, Miettinen S, Bläuer M, Martikainen PM, Tomás E, Heinonen PK, Ylikomi T
Expression of nuclear receptors and cofactors in human endometrium and myometrium.
J Soc Gynecol Investig 2004 ;11(2)104-12

Miettinen S, Ahonen MH, Lou YR, Manninen T, Tuohimaa P, Syvälä H, Ylikomi T
Role of 24-hydroxylase in vitamin D3 growth response of OVCAR-3 ovarian cancer cells.
Int J Cancer 2004 ;108(3)367-73

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