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The 25th Anniversary Symposium of the Finnish Cancer Institute

Recent Advances in Cancer Diagnostics and Therapy


Time: 6.9.-7.9.2012

Place: Hotel Scandic Rosendahl, Pyynikintie 13, Tampere

Organizers: The Finnish Cancer Institute and University of Tampere

Sponsors: Roche Oy ja Astellas Pharma

Target group: Cancer researchers and doctors


PROGRAM 6.9.2012


Press conference 12.30

Opening klo 13.30

Greetings from the government: minister Paula Risikko (Ministry of Social Affairs and Health) (in Finnish)

Greetings from the University of Tampere: Director Hannu Hanhijärvi (Institute of Biomedical Technology) (in Finnish)

Greetings from the Pirkanmaa Hospital District: Director Rauno Ihalainen (in Finnish)

The Finnish Cancer Institute / K.Albin Johansson Foundation representative's speech, includes publishing the persons chosen for the positions of Research Professor and Researcher (in Finnish)



Scientific Program (Chair Prof. Anne Kallioniemi)


14:15-  Prof. Claude Clement Abbou (Hospital Henri Mondor, Creteil, France):
"Recent advances in robot-assisted cancer surgery" (40+5min)

15:00  Prof. Heikki Joensuu (Helsinki University Hospital):
"Boron neutron capture therapy" (40+5min)

15:45   Coffee break 15 min

16:00   Prof. Akseli Hemminki (K. Albin Johansson Research Professor, Finnish Cancer Institute):
"Gene-mediated cancer therapy" (40+5min)

16:45   Prof. Pier Franco Conte (Univ Modena and Reggio Emilia):
"New treatment options in HER2+ metastatic breast cancer; T-DM1 and pertuzumab"

17:30   Prof. Kurt Miller (Charité Hospital, Berlin, Germany):
"Medivation: a new innovation for therapy of advanced prostate cancer"

18:15   Discussion

19:00   Symposium Dinner

 Speech: Prof. Pirkko Kellokumpu-Lehtinen (Finnish Cancer Institute)

Words by patient advocate: Mr. Riki Sorsa (+ entertainment)


PROGRAM 7.9.2012


Breast Cancer (Chair Prof. Jorma Isola)


9.00-9.45  PhD Teemu Junttila (Genentech, South San Francisco, California):
"Multiple Approaches to Targeting HER2/ErbB2" (40+5min)

9.45-10.30 Prof. Fredrik Ponten (Uppsala University, Sweden):
"Human Protein Atlas" (40+5min)

10.30-10.40 Coffee break

10.40-11.25 PhD Christine Desmedt (Bordet Institute, Brussels, Belgium):
"Gene expression profiles as prognosticators  and predictors  of treatment efficacy in breast cancer"

11.25-12.10 PhD Harriet Wikman  (Univ Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany):
"Role of disseminated and circulating tumor cells in metastasis"

12.10-12.20 Roche, sponsors word

12.20-12.40 Sandwiches and refreshments

 12.40-13.25 Dos. Johan Lundin (FIMM, University of Helsinki): "A dynamic online prognostic tool for breast cancer"


Prostate Cancer (Chair Prof. Tapio Visakorpi)


9:00-9:45 Prof. Robert Vessella (University of Washington Medical Center):
"The Generation and Characterization of 29 Prostate Cancer Xenograft Lines Ideally Suited for Studies of Prostate Cancer Biology, Heterogeneity, Bone Metastases and Pre-Clinical Studies of Novel Therapeutic Strategies"

9:45-10:30 Prof. Ian Mills  (Centre for Molecular Medicine, Oslo, Norway):
"Insights into prostate cancer biology from the study of transcription"

10:30-10:40 Coffee break

10:40-11:10 Prof. Johanna Schleutker (University of Turku):
"SNPs on susceptibility, prognosis and survival of prostate cancer"

11:10-11:40 Prof. Steven Bova (University of Tampere):
"Why are cancer genomes still a black box?"

11:40-11.50 Astellas Pharma, sponsors word

11:50-12:10 Sandwiches and refreshments

12:10-12:40 Prof. Tapio Visakorpi (University of Tampere):
From deep-sequencing to molecular mechanisms"

12:40-13:10 Prof. Hans Lilja (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center):
"Molecular basis of biomarkers"

Print the program (pdf)


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