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R&D Services

CAST provides diverse data analytics R&D services for private and public sector. 

On World Statistics Day 2015, CAST among almost 50 global statistical organizations, signed a statement for support of a data revolution. By providing wide range of R&D services to interested parties CAST boosts usage of quantitative methodology in diverse fields for overall sustainable development. Masses of data exist already now, but how to transform it into useful and actionable information is still vaguely understood. With help of high-quality quantitative analytics it is possible to make more informed decisions for the organization and the overall society benefit.

Provided R&D services consist of research planning phase tasks, data cleaning, survey execution, numerical computation, statistical analysis, data modeling, future prediction, results reporting and training based on needs. In order to ensure the adequate quality of the data it is recommended that statistical expertise is available already during the project planning phase and especially before the data collection phase.

CAST provides expertise in performing quantitative research starting from tailored and complex statistical research to traditional survey research by utilizing various tools and methods.  The involved projects may include both explorative and hypothesis testing types of research components. The project lifespan can be very flexible starting from days to months according to needs.  

CAST offers quantitative methodology services for different purposes starting from project planning to data analysis and results reporting.  Some more detailed examples of R&D services are listed below per different stakeholders:

The selected tools and methods are based on the research goals and the available data which may be collected with varying frequencies starting from only once to real-time. The size of the data is very project dependent. Structured or unstructured research data may be collected, for example, from a survey, an empirical observation, a register data, web or an Internet of Things (IoT) type of source. From multiple sources collected data may be combined in order to get a valuable insights of the real world.

Different kinds of methodologies are available for graphical visualization, data mining, analysis, modeling and prediction including but not limited to

For each project CAST searches required expertise in order to ensure high quality operation and results from the beginning to the end of the project.

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