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CAST arranges courses and seminars related to general, theoretical and applied statistics and data analytics. The target groups in the University of Tampere include candidate, master and doctoral students, open university students, researchers, teachers and other personnell interested in quantitative methodology. The responsibility of CAST is to coordinate the overall offering and develop a model for providing quantitative methods education within the University of Tampere.

The implementation of a course or an event may be taken care of by a given School,  CAST  or a collaboration of the former based on what is seen reasonable per each case. For doctoral level quantitative education CAST collaborates with the University's Doctoral School to better answer the special needs of the doctoral students. International and national expertise is involved in producing the high quality content by maintaining and developing the teacher pool for statistical and data analysis education within the University of Tampere.  In addition, modern IT facilities in different levels are integrated into the practical implementation whenever seen useful.

The role of CAST is also to increase collaboration between specialists in quantitative methodology within the University of Tampere by both making the existing knowledge base in different units more visible and providing new opportunities for fruitful collisions.  

More information of the courses related to quantitative methodology  given at the University of Tampere is available as follows:

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