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Professors and Academics

Reija Autio (PhD, University Instructor, HES): High-throughput data analysis, Statistical inference, Machine learning, Pattern recognition   [publications]

Eleni Berki (PhD, Senior Researcher, SIS): Computational process metamodeling, Free/open source software, Security/privacy, Software quality   [publications]

Mika Helminen (MSc, Biostatistician, HES): Statistical consulting

Heini Huhtala (MSc, University Instructor, HES):    [publications]

Heikki Hyyro (PhD, University Lecturer, SIS): Text processing, Algorithms and data structures, Big data

Henry Joutsijoki (PhD, Researcher, SIS): Machine learning, Data mining, Support vector machines   [publications]

Martti Juhola (PhD, Professor, SIS): Data analysis, Data mining, Machine learning, Signal analysis, Pattern recognition, Algorithms   [publications]

Hyon-Jung Kim-Ollila (PhD, University Lecturer, SIS): Spatio-temporal statistics, Bayesian methodology, Tensor analysis, Big data analytics  

Anna-Maija Koivisto (MSc, University Instructor, HES):    [publications]

Lasse Koskinen (PhD, Professor, JKK): Risk management, Investments and solvency regulation for insurance, Pension systems  

Ansa Lilja (MSc, Coordinator, CAST/HES): Machine learning, Longitudinal data modeling and analysis, Internet of Things

Liudmila Lipiäinen (MSc, Researcher, YKY): Statistical analysis of register data, Longitudinal analysis, Statistical applications in medicine, health and social sciences   [publications]

Erkki Liski (PhD, Emeritus Professor, SIS): Statistical modelling and model selection   [publications]

Arto Luoma (PhD, University Lecturer, JKK): Time series analysis, Bayesian methods, Risk management of insurance companies   [publications]

Tiina Luukkaala (MSc, Biostatistician, HES): Statistical consulting 

Jaakko Nevalainen (PhD, Professor, HES): Multivariate and high-throughput analysis, Longitudinal data analysis, Nonparametric statistics, Applications in biomedical studies   [publications]

Jyrki Nummenmaa (PhD, Professor, SIS): Big data management, Algorithms and services, Sequence data mining, Traffic data, Textual data   [publications]

Timo Nummenmaa (PhD, Postdoctoral researcher, SIS): Formal methods, Game development, Playful smart furniture   [publications]

Tapio Nummi (PhD, University Lecturer, SIS): Longitudinal data, Computational statistics, Statistical applications in health, medicine and social sciences   [publications]

Jyrki Ollikainen (MSc, Senior Researcher, SIS): Statistical consulting, General statistical analysis, Survey design and analysis   [publications]

Jaakko Peltonen (PhD, Associate Professor, SIS): Statistical machine learning, Statistical methods for information visualization   [publications]

Simo Puntanen (PhD, Emeritus University Lecturer, SIS): Linear statistical models; Matrix theory   [publications]

Aart-Jan Riekhoff (MSc, Doctoral Researcher, YKY): Retirement, Labor market policy, Longitudinal data analysis

Paulo Canas Rodrigues (PhD, Research Director, CAST/SIS): Big data modelling, Low-rank approximations, Time series, Robust statistics, Statistical applications

Raili Salmelin (PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher, HES): Statistical graphics, Questionnaire design  [publications]

Kostas Stefanidis (PhD, Associate Professor, SIS): Personalized and context-aware data management, Recommender systems, Information extraction, resolution and integration [publications]

Erik Sieberg (MSc, Researcher, YKY): Spatial perspectives in security and conflict, Institutional and military sociology

Nina Talola (MSc, Researcher, HES): Basic quantitative research methods  [publications]

Peter Thanisch (PhD, Adjunct professor, SIS): Error detection in statistical query expressions, Big data, Public transport data, Green IT   [publications]

Yevhen Zolotavkin (PhD, Researcher, SIS): Digital image watermarking/steganography, Digital signal processing  

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