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CAST promotes the wider usage of quantitative methodology within the versatile research studies in the University of Tampere. This is implemented university wide through providing more quantitative methodology courses and consultancy possibilities for researchers.

Also quantitative methodology collaboration both within the University of Tampere and between universities is supported by CAST. National and international collaboration between statistics and data analytics specialists is increased by providing multidisciplinary research visits, workshops and seminars. In addition, increasing research collaboration, writing common research publications and creating common project applications will be encouraged.

The culture of involving statistical expertise right in the planning phase of a research project will be strengthened. By providing adequate resources for statistics and data analytics capabilities within each School, it is possible to help improving the quality level for research publications all over the University of Tampere in the near future.

University of Tampere Research Assessment Exercise (UTA RAE 2014)

The selected tools and methods are based on the research goals and the available data which may be collected with varying frequencies starting from only once to real-time. The size of the data is very research project dependent. Structured or unstructured research data may be collected, for example, from a survey, an empirical observation, a register data, web or an Internet of Things (IoT) type of source. From multiple sources collected data may be combined in order to get a valuable insights of the real world.

Different kinds of methodologies are available for graphical visualization, data mining, analysis, modeling and prediction including but not limited to

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