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» "Calling for a National-Level Coordination" -- 2014 Finn-Sino Education Forum (21.5.2014)

» 7th Lecture of CEREC Lecture Series Coming on 29.1.2013 (11.1.2013)

» INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Chinese Students, Teachers and Scholars Abroad: Myths and Realities (11.1.2013)

» 2013 Spring Festival Business Forum for Pirkanmaa SMEs and Local Chinese (23.1.2013)

» 8th lecture of CEREC lecture series coming up on 12th Feb. (4.2.2013)

» 16th Lecture of CEREC Lecture Series Coming Up on April 28 (20.4.2015)

» Finnish Educational Reform Experience is Appreciated by Chinese Government and Schools (28.6.2012)

» Ongoing Analysis of CEREC’s Principal Training Program Long-term Effects (20.8.2012)

» Second lecture told us to narrow down our focus (10.2.2012)

» 3rd Lecture of "Education Export to China" Lecture Series (9.3.2012)

» University Innovation Capacity Building Program---2011 Program (10.9.2012)

» 2012 Working Focus of Ministry of Education, China (16.4.2012)

» First Lecture gained appreciation widely (10.1.2012)

» Guest Lecturer from Central China Normal University on 8th June (22.5.2012)

» Sino-Finland PISA Seminar in Shanghai (28.6.2012)

» China Aiming at Building a World-level Vocational Education System in 10 Years (6.7.2012)

» A study on employment prospect of Finnish-educated Chinese students released (12.11.2012)

» This is Finnish Education: Two-Week Teacher Training With 26 Teachers From Hangzhou, China (28.10.2013)

» 12th Lecture of CEREC Lecture Series: Economic globalisation and internationalisation of higher education in China (4.11.2013)

» CEREC Has Launched a Column of Education Policy Review! (23.10.2013)

» CEREC Annual Meeting: Dialogues Among the Stakeholders of Sino-Finnish Cooperation in the Area of Higher Education (25.9.2013)

» 13th Lecture of CEREC Lecture Series: China's Far West and Internationalization (5.5.2014)

» Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Delegation at University of Tampere 16 September 2013 (14.10.2013)

» 2013 Spring Festival Business Forum for Pirkanmaa SMEs and Local Chinese (5.2.2013)

» CEREC Director's Visit to China Confirms the Role of CEREC in Strengthening Educational Ties between Finland and China (2.12.2011)

» Lecture Series on "Education Export to China" (15.12.2011)

» CEREC's Consulting Service Reached Norway (19.12.2011)

» China Ambassador advising CEREC to cooperate with broader Chinese partners (16.1.2012)

» International MA program in Educational Leadership and Policy in Beijing (18.1.2012)

» 2nd Lecture: Chinese Education Reforms and Trends (24.1.2012)

» Guest Lecturer from Peking University on 5th June (22.5.2012)

» 2nd Sino-Finland Forum on Higher Education outlines future directions for cooperation in educational sector between Finland and China (15.11.2011)

» Opening of CEREC Blog in Chinese (12.11.2012)

» One-Semester Scholarship at Shenyang Ligong University (16.4.2012)

» Chinese Government Full Scholarship for Master Degree (26.3.2012)

» Master's Degree Programme in Research and Innovation in Higher Education (MARIHE) 2012-2014, Application as a self-paying student (28.12.2011)

» Training of Excellent Chinese Upper Secondary School Principals on Finnish Upper Secondary Education System was a bilateral learning process (9.11.2011)

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