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"Calling for a National-Level Coordination" -- 2014 Finn-Sino Education Forum


Organised jointly by Chinese Education Research and Exchange Centre (CEREC), University of Tampere and the City of Tampere, the 2014 Finn-Sino Education Forum (Forum in short) was held on April 25th at the University of Tampere. 


The Forum has brought together the main actors and the key stakeholders in the Finn-Sino cooperation. They discussed the current challenges in their own fields, and shared their visions and successful cooperation cases. This seminar was considered by both the participants and the organisers as reflective and fruitful. As opening speaker Ms. Tiina Vihma-Purovaaraone from Ministry of Education put, this Forum has profound implications for the Ministry to drafting the new strategy of Finn-Sino cooperation. It was also noted by Mr. Deng Liming, the Head of Education Section of the Chinese Embassy in Finland, the forum will lead to substantial discussion on how to establish an effective platform on which Finnish actors can reach synergy in developing education cooperation with China. As one of the biggest outcomes of this event, the need for "a national-level coordination" in Finn-Sino cooperation was brought up by CEREC and was repeatedly referred to by later speakers.


The whole Forum was chaired and opened by the Vice-Rector of the University of Tampere Professor Harri Melin. Three governmental representatives gave the opening speeches, and they were Mr. Pekka Kivekäs from the City of Tampere, Ms. Tiina Vihma-Purovaara from the Ministry of Education and Mr. Deng Liming from the Chinese Embassy. Ms. Vihma-Purovaara briefed the ongoing cooperation on the national-level with the Chinese counterparts, particularly she introduced the new concept of "Learning Factory/Garden". Professor Baocun Liu from Beijing Normal University representing Finnish Education Research Centre (FERC) attended the Forum through the Internet. To watch all the Forum presentations and to download the slideshows, please click here.


In the forum, a new platform for education cooperation between Finland and China, Finn-Sino Education Research and Cooperation Network (Network in short), was presented by both CEREC and the newly established FERC, Beijing Normal University.  The network will be open to all organisations and individuals who are interested in education cooperation between the two countries. It is to facilitate the cooperation through, among other things, information sharing, network building and capacity development. The ideas propose by the Network for enhancing national coordination of Finnish education cooperation with China were appreciated by the participants in the forum, including the key Finnish actors in education cooperation with China, such as DIGILE Ltd., Educluster Finland Ltd., Finland University Inc., TAKK and Learning Bridge.


This Forum has attracted a wide range of participants, including entrepreneurs, researchers, policy makers, and other professionals, there were both Chinese and Finnish. Many of them exchanged ideas and experience. The Forum has truly brought people together to ponder upon the coordination of Finn-Sino Cooperation, and as required by many, such event will be organised more often.

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