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Capacity development for Sino-Finnish education cooperation professionals and first workshop in 2016

Chinese Education, Research and Exchange Centre (CEREC) in The University of Tampere arranges a capacity development training program (5 ECTS) for professionals engaged in Sino-Finnish education cooperation from July 2016 to October 2016. Application period starts from 1st of June and ends in 26th June. The program starts in July 2016 and ends in November 2016.

The training program is part of a CIMO-funded project coordinated by CEREC. The project is a concrete activity of the education cooperation and quality assurance under the Sino-Finnish Learning Garden framework signed by Ministry of Education in China and Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland. Furthermore, the project is one of the first initiatives implemented under the Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Education Institute, which was founded in May 2016. The partners in the project are the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Applied Sciences in Finland, and in China the Beijing Normal University, National Institute of Education Science (NIES), National Academy of Education Administration (NAEA), Peking University, University of Science and Technology Beijing and Jiangsu Agency for Educational Evaluation. With CIMO funding, the project will organize two training programs, one in Beijing in autumn 2016 and one in Tampere in spring 2017.

The main goals of the training program include increasing the understanding of Sino-Finnish education cooperation, enhancing skills on successful Sino-Finnish exchange and education cooperation, strengthening education exchange between Finland and China, and commencing new cooperation projects between our two countries. Those who have passed the course will receive a total of 5 ECTS and a certificate on Sino-Finnish education cooperation professionals’ capacity development approved by Sino-Finnish Learning Garden and Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Education Institution. The individuals and institutions who receive the certificate will also be announced on the project website. Information published in our website helps in finding professional partners and experts for Sino-Finnish education cooperation.

The first training course takes place in summer and autumn 2016. The course includes a workshop held in the premises of Beijing Normal University from 26th August until 31th August 2016. The target group of the course are professionals who are already engaged in or who aspire to work on Sino-Finnish education cooperation. The student quota of each training course is approximately 15 to 20 persons. Priority will be given to those candidates with working proficiency in English and earlier working experience on related fields.

Applying period for the training course begins from 1st of June and ends 26th June 2016. The accepted students will receive a notification by 30th June. The program includes three phases: 1) self-study period, 2) above mentioned workshop and 3) practical project. The training course is free of charge, however, the participants must cover their own travel, accommodation and meal expenses. The concrete plan of the training course is as follows:

1Self-study period

Before the workshop, the enrolled students will receive self-study material on Sino-Finnish education cooperation. A participant will submit a one page essay in which they analyse the merits and challenges of the other country’s education from the perspective of his/her own country, and discuss the challenges in Sino-Finnish education cooperation.

2Workshop study period

The workshop will take place in Beijing Normal University from 26th August until 31th August 2016. The workshop lasts five days and its learning goals include the following:

  • Understanding the background and important policies of Sino-Finnish education cooperation
  • Understanding Finnish education from Chinese point of view
  • Discovering solutions to challenges in Sino-Finnish education cooperation
  • Developing the skills and expertise of professionals engaged in Sino-Finnish education cooperation
  • Developing existing programs and starting new ones on Sino-Finnish education cooperation

The teachers participating in the workshop are professionals on Sino-Finnish education cooperation from Finnish and Chinese higher education institutions and education research institutions.

3) After the workshop, the participants will complete a group assignment in two months’ time. The assignment is to design a Sino-Finnish education cooperation program either by improving the existing project or by creating a new one.

Contact persons on matters related to workshop arrangements:

Laura Mursu, University of Tampere, Finland, tel. +358 50 318 7831, email:

Sun Jihong, National Institute of Education Sciences of China, tel. +86 1511 7987 870, email:

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