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Call for Abstracts 

NordMedia invites you to submit abstracts and panel session proposals for the NordMedia 2017 conference that will be held on August 17 - 19, 2017 in Tampere, Finland. NordMedia is a biannual conference organized by Nordic media research associations in cooperation with Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research NORDICOM.

The submission period is January 9 – March 5, 2017 (New extended deadline). 

The theme for the 2017 conference is “Mediated Realities – Global Challenges”. The conference takes a critical approach to the mediated realities of contemporary social and cultural institutions, identities and everyday life and sheds light on the debates over mediation and mediatization in relation to global challenges. Read more about the conference theme from our website: 



Conference Divisions & Temporary Working Groups 

All submissions must be addressed to a specific conference division or temporary working group. NordMedia 2017 conference features 10 divisions and 8 temporary working groups. Complete descriptions of the divisions and the working groups can be found on the conference website: 



Division 1 - Environment, Science and Risk Communication 

Division 2 - Journalism 

Division 3 - Media and Communication History 

Division 4 - Media, Globalization and Social Change 

Division 5 - Media Literacy and Media Education 

Division 6 - Media Management, Economics and Policy 

Division 7 - Organization, Communication and Society 

Division 8 - Political Communication 

Division 9 - Theory, Philosophy and Ethics of Communication 

Division 10 - Television and Film Studies


Temporary Working Groups 

TWG1 - Media & Religion  

TWG2 - Digital Games & Playful Media 

TWG3 - Gender and the Media 

TWG4 - Media and Celebrity Culture 

TWG5 - Onlife: Digital Media Sociology in a Digital Cross-Platform World 

TWG6 - Media Across the Life Course 

TWG7 - Visual Communication & Culture 

TWG8 - Audience Studies


Abstract Submission Guidelines  

The submission period for abstracts is January 9 – March 5, 2017 (New extended deadline). 

All abstracts must be addressed to a specific conference division or temporary working group.

All abstracts submitted to NordMedia 2017 conference must contain the following elements:  

1) Theoretical framework of the study   

2) The methodology used to conduct the study   

3) Description of the research material  

4) The key findings of the study (for completed projects)   

5) Author’s contact information 

The word limit for abstracts is 600 words.  

Incomplete abstracts will not be reviewed. Abstracts cannot be modified once they have been submitted. 

The abstracts should be written in clear and concise English.  

Submission of multiple abstracts is allowed, but please note that you can only be the main author in one paper. If multiple abstract submissions from the same participant are accepted, the author must decide which one he or she will participate with. However, you can still be a co-author in other accepted papers in addition to the main one.

All abstracts must be submitted using the online system provided. To submit your abstract, please click on the following link: 

The submission deadline for abstracts is 5th of March 2017. Notification regarding acceptance or rejection of abstract will be sent to the presenting author by email by the end of March 2017.



Panel Session Proposal Submission Guidelines 

Several thematically parallel abstracts can be combined to form a panel session proposal for NordMedia 2017 conference. The ideal number of presentations in a single panel is 3–5. All panel session proposals must contain:

1) Name of the contact person responsible for the panel session 

2) Brief description of the panel theme 

3) List of panelists and their contact information   

4) The abstracts of the papers to be presented within the panel session

The submission period for panel session proposals is January 9 – March 5, 2017 (New extended deadline).

All panel session proposals must be addressed to a specific conference division or temporary working group.

A panel session proposal must include the name of the contact person for the panel. The contact person will act as organizer of the panel session and is responsible for communication with the chairs and co-chairs of the hosting division or temporary working group as a representative of the whole panel group. 

All panel session proposals must be accompanied by description of the panel theme including a brief account that specifies why this topic is important and how it contributes to the overall work of the conference division or working group. The word limit for the description is 400 words. 

In addition to the thematic description the panel proposal must contain a list of suggested panelists, their contact information accompanied by short biographical notes and the headlines of the papers they will be presenting within the panel session. 

The contact person is responsible for collecting and including the abstracts to the panel session proposal. The abstracts intended for panel sessions must be devised following the general guidelines for abstracts in Nordmedia 2017 conference: 

By default the contact person will act as a moderator of the panel session. Alternatively an outside moderator can be used. In this case the contact information of suggested moderator should also be included in the panel proposal.

All panel session proposals must be submitted using the online system provided. Please note that in addition to the panel description the proposal has to include all the abstracts intended for the panel session. To submit your panel proposal and abstracts included in the panel, please click on the following link:

The submission deadline for panel session proposals is 5th of March 2017. Notification regarding acceptance or rejection of proposal will be sent to the contact person by email by the end of the March 2017.



Important dates

Call for abstracts: January 9 - March 5 (New extended deadline) 

Notification of acceptance: By the end of March 

Early Bird registration: April 5 - May 15 

Deadline for full papers: June 30




For any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact:

Ilmari Hiltunen 

Coordinator: Divisions and temporary working groups 

ilmari.hiltunen [at] 


We look forward to seeing you at NordMedia 2017.


Ilmari Hiltunen


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