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Faculty of Communication SciencesUniversity of TampereFaculty of Communication Sciences

Division 8: Political Communication

Chair: Senior Lecturer, Nils Gustafsson
nils.gustafsson [at]

Co-chair: Assistant Professor, Christina Neumayer
chne [at]

Abstracts for individual papers, download here (pdf)

Abstracts for panels, download here (pdf)

Programme for Division 8, Political Communication 

Thursday, 17 August 

15.30-18.00 Politicians

Room C8

Chair: Nils Gustafsson 

Birgir GudmundssonPolitical market media in Iceland: Trust and distrust between politics, the public and the media 
Discussant: Jari Väliverronen 

Jakob Svensson, A Logic of Polarisation and Dissent in a Hybrid Media Setting
Discussant: Juha Herkman 

Elisa KannastoThe Relation of Personal and Professional Content on Twitter During an Election Campaign - Building a politician’s online identity on Twitter 
DiscussantMatti Kortesoja 

Troels RungeFrom Cognition to Impact 
Discussant: Javier Ruiz-Soler 

Hans-Joerg TrenzPolitical participation on Facebook during Brexit: Does citizen engagement on media pages stimulate engagement with campaigns? 
Discussant: Luca Rossi 


Friday, 18 August 

09.00-10.00 Journalists

Room C8

Chair: Nils Gustafsson 

Elena JohanssonPolish and Swedish journalists’ source networks in Twitter: Who takes control 
Discussant: Jakob Svensson

Jari VäliverronenFinnish Political Journalism in the 2010s: A Content Analysis 
Discussant: Birgir Gudmundsson 

Jón Gunnar Ólafsson, Small state political communication dynamics and journalist-source relations in Iceland following the financial crisis
Discussant: Elena Johansson


10.15-12.00 Populism/Activism

Room C8

Chair: Christina Neumayer

Matti Kortesoja, Nothing to Do with Us" to "Policy–Media Dynamics in the Finnish Surveillance and Intelligence Debate
DiscussantBente Kalsnes 

Karin WennströmPink Power – Pussyhats as political statements in women’s networking on social media 
Discussant: Elisa Kannasto 

Juha HerkmanNordic populists in political cartoons 
Discussant: Troels Runge 

Bente Kalsnes, The power of viral shares: Strategic use of social media in populist political parties in Norway and Sweden 
Discussant: Bjarki Valtysson 


14.15-15.15 Refugess/Rights

Room C8

Chair: Christina Neumayer 

Ragnhild MølsterThe media and migration policy in Scandinavia: the 2015 migrant crisis 
Discussant: Thomas Slätis 

Jan-Fredrik HovdenThe refugee crisis in Scandinavian press 
Discussant: Kari Karppinen 

Kari Karppinen, Deconstructing digital rights  
Discussant: Hans-Joerg Trenz


15.45-17.15 Panel: Politics and participation - challenges and prospects

Room C8

Chair: Göran Svensson

Vaia Doudaki, Audience responses on the refugee crisis in the Swedish edition of 'The Local'

Nico Carpentier, Community media and peace-building - a Cypriot case study on the community web caster MYCYradio

Kirill Filimonov, Performance of participation on radical left-wing online platforms (case study of Avtonomnoye Deystviye, Russia)

Patrick Prax, Dimensions of Participatory Game Design in Online Games


Saturday, 19 August

09.00-10.00 Conflict

Room A4

Chair: Christina Neumayer 

Luca RossiAlgorithmic censoring of images of protest in social media 
Discussant: Ragnhild Mølster 

Thomas SlätisMedia practices and conflict transformation 
Discussant: Jan-Fredrik Hovden 

Dragana Lazic, Political Conversations on Japanese Twitter“Take Them Back” 
Discussant: Jón Gunnar Ólafsson


10.15-12.00 Theory

Room A4

Chair: Nils Gustafsson 

Bjarki ValtyssonGoing with the Flow? Civic Agency in Algorithmic Software Culture 
Discussant: Inka Salovaara

Javier Ruiz-SolerTwitter as the new Coffee House? The mapping of the European Political Twittersphere and its significance for the European Public Sphere 
Discussant: John Grönvall

Inka Salovaara, Political Participation as Media Assemblage: 
Affects in Digital Networks  
Discussant: Dragana Lazic 

John Grönvall, Public Service media under political pressure – what the national evaluations convey about the agency of Nordic news media
Discussant: Karin Wennström


14.30-16.00 Global Outlook

Room A4

Chair: Christina Neumayer 

Salli HakalaPrime Minister and promotional logics 

Doga Ulas Eralp, Social media as a tool for inclusivity in Turkey’s Kurdish Peace Process 


Call for abstracts and panels

In the division of political communication we focus our interest in the political use of media and communication, and the dynamics between media, communication and democracy. Specifically, research within the division focuses on mediated protest and civic engagement, media and social movements, protest spaces and popular culture, political extremism and media, political discussion, visualizing politics, media as a political institution, the Nordic media system, the status and globalization of national public spheres, professionalized campaigning, political rhetoric, political marketing, social media campaigning, etc.

Researchers within the division come from both the humanities and political and social science departments, thus giving the group a broad and fruitful theoretical point of departure. While we are particularly interested in Nordic conditions, we welcome international scholars to submit their work in these areas.

This division accepts both panel proposals and abstracts for individual papers.

Panel proposals must contain a description of the panel theme, the abstracts of the contributing papers, as well as contact information of the panel chair and authors.
Please see more guidelines for panels.

Abstracts of individual papers must contain the author’s contact information.
Please see more guidelines for abstracts, papers and presentations.

A discussant will be assigned to each accepted paper in order to provide quality feedback, consequently everyone presenting in the division might be asked to act as a discussant.
Please see more guidelines for discussants.

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