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TWG 1: Media and Religion

Co-chair: Professor, Knut Lundby, Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo
knut.lundby [at]

Co-chair: Assistant professor, Line Nybro Petersen, Department for the Study of Culture and Media, University of Southern Denmark
linenp [at]

Abstracts, download here (pdf)

Programme for TWG1: Media and Religion 

Saturday, 19 August

Room C6


Oulia Makkonen, Scripture in La Génèse (1999) and Son of Man (2006): A transnational perspective
Discussant: Line Nybro Petersen 


Stig Hjarvard Mattias Pape Rosenfeldt, Planning public debate: Beyond entrenched controversies about Islam  
Discussant: Johanna Sumiala 


Knut LundbyStig Hjarvard & Mia Lövheim, Religion Between Politics and Media: Conflicting Attitudes to Islam in Scandinavia  
Discussant: Katja Valaskivi 

11.45-12.00 Business meeting 


Call for abstracts and papers

In a world shaped by conflicts over terrorism and immigration, fundamentalism and secularity, and conflicts about religious representations in the media, the TWG on media and religion delves into ‘Mediated Realities – Global Challenges’, which is the main theme of NordMedia 2017. The TWG on Media and Religion welcomes contributions on these challenges as well as discussions of the interplay and interconnectedness between media, religious activities and beliefs, and the multiple ways in which different media approach topics of religion and belief and the broader cultural dynamics of media and religion. Religion is understood in a broad sense and seen to exist both in-  and outside of religious institutions, influencing politics and power structures.

Research on Media and Religion has developed into a growing interdisciplinary field of study for Nordic researchers from: film and media studies, religious studies and theology, sociology and other related fields. It represents a variety of methods, approaches and theoretical perspectives. Thus the TWG opens up for nuanced understandings of mediated realities related to religion, and the multiple ways in which individuals and institutions make use of media narratives and technologies. The TWG asks how the media apply religious symbols, narratives, and imagery in popular productions and news stories, and studies the consequences this has for religion and culture. Mediatization of religion in its various forms is one of the central foci of this TWG.

The TWG on Media and Religion invites international participation, to compare with and contribute to academic conversations beyond Nordic studies of media and religion. The TWG encourages empirical analysis of all aspects of the field of media and religion from the presence of religion in popular culture, news media, on the Internet, to the role of different religious traditions and rituals in a range of cultural contexts. 

This temporary working group accepts both panel proposals and abstracts for individual papers.

Panel proposals must contain a description of the panel theme, the abstracts of the contributing papers, as well as contact information of the panel chair and authors.
Please see more guidelines for panels.

Abstracts of individual papers must contain the author’s contact information.
Please see more guidelines for abstracts, papers and presentations.

A discussant will be assigned to each accepted paper in order to provide quality feedback, consequently everyone presenting in the division might be asked to act as a discussant.
Please see more guidelines for discussants.


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