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Keynote lectures

Professor Lilie Chouliaraki

Witnessing conflict today

Digital witnessing, our engagement with death through local participants’ own recordings of the conflict zone, introduces new challenges in the journalism of conflict. Whilst, like past practices of journalistic witnessing, this one also invites its publics to witness the suffering and death of conflict as a moral event that requires a response, digital spectacles differ from past ones, in that they inject into the practice of witnessing three different kinds of doubt: doubt around truth (how do we know this is authentic?); doubt around sincerity (how do we know this is all there is?); and doubt around appropriateness (should this be shown or not?). Corresponding to the three pragmatic claims of the communicative public sphere, these three forms of doubt around truth, sincerity and appropriateness, simultaneously challenge the limits of traditional journalism to act as a public institution that confidently narrate conflict to its publics and invites us to take a stance. This is because, given the multiple actors filming in conflict zones, digital witnessing breaks with the professional monopoly of the journalist and becomes a complex site of struggle where competing spectacles of death and suffering , each with their own interest, vie for visibility. How the journalism of conflict and its public ethics of witnessing change under the weight of this new epistemic instability is the focus of this lecture.

Professor Jackie Stacey

Feminism, Cultural Studies and Queer Theory: An Unfinished Conversation

This lecture will approach the very ambitious conference title through the lens of the unfinished conversations between feminism, queer theory and cultural studies. Taking the problem of how we conceptualise the differently embodied subjects of mediated cultures as my starting point, I shall present a number of examples of the challenges of so doing  for film and media scholars today. My case studies will include: Tilda Swinton's image and personae, the live performances of Peggy Shaw (of Split Britches) and John Akomfrah's film and installation on the life and work Stuart Hall.
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