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26.2. 2015

Instructions for applying for title of docent

Required Qualifications

According to section 89 of the Universities Act 558/2009), universities have docents.

Also according to sectin 89 of the Universties Act (558/2009), a university may award the tile of docent to a person who has extensive knowledge of his or her own field, a capacity for independent research or artistic work as demonstrated through publications or in some other manner, and good teaching skills.

At the School of Communication, Media and Theatre (CMT), docents are required to have the language skills needed to provide instruction and supervision.

The rector makes the decision on conferring tht title of docent on the basis of a proposal made by the management board of a school (Section 18, paragraph 4 of the Regulation of the University of Tampere) awards the title of docent.

According to the rector´s guidelines issued on 15. December, a person applying for the title of docent give a reliable account of his/her doctoral degree, other relevant degrees, scholarly publications, other academic research merits that show the applicants´mertis for independent scholarly work or artistic activity as well as of her/his teaching skills in a manner defined by management board of the school. To qualify for the title  of a docent, the applicant must have published, in addition to the doctoral dissertation, extensively in her/his field of scholarship or art for and the publications should show that the applicant´s field of research has become considerably wider in scope after the doctoral dissertation so that the applicant clearly has the required scientific/artistic competence for the title of a docent.

The title of docent should not be applied for too early in the career or with too insignificant merits or in a field which is too narrow in scope. It must be taken into account the School can only for specified reason propose a title of docent to the person who belongs to the staff of the school. Aforementioned reason could be the secified area of expertise in the discipline which would be useful in teaching and in research. A title of docent can be awarded to the person who belongs to the staff of the school if she/he is working in fixed-term position and the position is about to end and the person wants to gain merit and establish research projects within the school.

According to the aforementioned guidelines, a docent may provide educatin in his/her field, supervise studetns, evaluate theses and take on other University duties in a way agreed upon on a case-by-case basis. A title is entitled to use the title of docent even after retirement.

 Application process

 Discussing the Docentship and Submitting the application documents

Appointing Assessors

Assessors´Report Contents

Evaluation of Teaching Skills

Board´s Proposal on Awarding the Applicant with the title of docent

Discussing the Docentship and Submitting the Application Documents

1. The applicant first contacts the chair of the School´s Research  Committee and discusses with him/her about the field of docentship, which should not be too limited.

 2. The applicant submits the following documents to the Research Committee, which reviews them and then submits a report on the applicant´s qualifications:

  • -A curriculum vitae
  • Degree certificates
  • A list of the applicant´s publications (see the School´s instructions for compiling a list of publications)
  • A list of the publications the applicatn would like the Docent Committee and assessors to consider when assessing his/her scientific qualifications
  • An account of the applicant´s ability to produce independent research
  • A teaching portfolio

If an applicant whishes to be exempted from giving a demonstration lecture, he/she must attact to his/her application in a separate appliction for exemption. For more information about exemption, please see section 7 below ("Evaluation of Teaching Skills").

3. The Research Committee consults a professor in the filed or, if considered necessary, asks professors in the field to submit a report on the necessity and the field of the docentship. The Dean then brings up the matter in a Board meeting after consulting with the Reserch Committee (Research Committee´s report).

4. If the Research Committee´s report and the Dean´s proposal are favourable, the applicant may write an application in which th title that follows the docentship is defined in detail. The applicant should enclose the following documents with his/her application:

-Three copies of the documents mentioned above in section 2.

-Three of the publications the applicant would like to have considered

Depending on the applicant, five o ten publications should be enclosed for evaluation.

If the field of the docentship in the arts, the applicant may submit an acoount of his/her artistic qualifications and activities in addition to or instead of a list of his/her publications or an account of his/her research.

The applicant should address the application to the Rector of the University of Tampere and submit it, along with the enclosures, to the Registry, addressed University of Tampere/Registry, 33014 University of Tampere, Finland. Please note that the application must clearly state the field and possible field specification of the docentship.

Appointing Assessors

5. The Board appoints the assessors after considering the Research Committee´s report. When appointing assessors, section 28 (grounds for disqualification of the Administrative Procedure Act (434/2003) must be followed.

Assessors submit a report on the applicant´s scientific or artistic qualifications for the docentship. the board may decide not to ask assessors to submit reports if the Board considers it unnecessary for some reason, if the application documents indicate that the applicant is especially well-qualified or if the applicant is otherwise known to be particularly well-qualified. If this is the case, the Docent Committee submits a report to this effect to the Board.

Assessors´ Report Contents

6. Assessors submit a report on the applicant´s qualifications. A prerequisite for granting an applicant the title of docent is that the applicant has published, in addition to his/her doctoral dissertation, scientific or artistic research that adds to the applicant´s field and corresponds to at least one good-quality dissertation both in extent and significance.

When evaluating an applicant´s artistic qualifications, the assessors look at the applicant´s creative artistic work and performances, other artistic qualifications, degrees and previously demonstrated performing skills.

Assessment of an applicant´s qualifications for the docentship must take section 89 of the Universities Act and the field and possible field specification of the docentship into consideration. In their reports, assessors may concentrate on the applicant´s key publications and briefly review other publications and/or productions. Reports should be two to five pages in length.

Evaluation of teaching skills

7. After the assessors have submitted their reports on the applicant´s qualifications, the applicant holds a demonstration lecture unless it is deemed unnecessary for some reason. An applicant may be exempted from giving a demonstration lecture if  he/she is considered to have good teaching skills and enough experience of providing education at a university evel or if he/she has demonstrated his/her teaching skills for other university positions and received the grade "good" from a faculty council, department council or some other decision-making body. Exemptions must, however, always be considered on  a case-by-case basis and discussed with the head professor in the discipline. Exemptions are granted by the Research Committee.

The Dean appoints a three-member Evaluation Committee to evaluate the applicant´s demonstration lecture. The applicant is considered to have the teaching skills required of a docent if the Evaluation Committee gives the demonstration lecture a minimun rating of "good". The School´s guidelines for evaluating demonstration lectures give more specific instructions for rating a demonstration lecture. According to the guidelines, other teaching qualifications can compensate for a "satisfactory" demonstration lecture. Other teaching qualifications cannot, however, compensate for a lecture rated as "unacceptable".

Board´s Proposal on Awarding the Applicant with the Title of Docent

8. The Board of CMT makes a proposal to the Rector on awarding the title of docent if the applicant fulfils the criteria required of a docent and the research committee endorses the appointment.

The Board may recommend the title of docent only once for the same person because the title of docent is awarded by the University.

For more information about the Research Committee´s preparationa and the application procedure, please contact the presenting official, Chief Administrator Heikki Eilo (, 040 1901389).

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