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Directions for the holding of trial lectures

1. Requirement to hold a trial lecture

 Professorial posts

Once the experts have submitted their statements the Board of Communication, Media and Theatre may offer an opportunity for an applicant for a professorial post to give a trial lecture. In the case of a post in the performing arts an applicant may be required to give a presentation of his/her performing skills on an occasion arranged by the Faculty at which the experts are present. The Board of School of Communication, Media and Theatre may offer an opportunity for such an applicant also to give a trial lecture on this occasion.

Docents, university lecturers and university teachers

Those applying to be named docents or for posts as university lecturers or university teachers are required to give a trial lecture to demonstrate their teaching skills.

The applicants for the posts of postdoctoral researcher and university researcher can be required to give a trial lecture..

The Board of School of Communication, Media and Theatre may exempt an applicant from giving a trial lecture if that applicant has previously given an approved trial lecture for a teaching post in the same subject.

Decisions on trial lectures will be taken separately for each post to be filled.

2. Date of the trial lecture

Trial lectures are held at a time decided by the director of School of Communication, Media and Theatre. Applicants will be informed of this by the head of administration of School of Communication, Media and Theatre and he will take care of other arrangements.

If an applicant declines to give a trial lecture of if she/he fails to appear to give a trial lecture at the time and place of which she/he has had reasonable notification, it will not be possible to determine the applicant´s eligibility in this respect.

3. Topic and level of the trial lecture

The topic of the trial lecture should be within the field of the teaching post to be filled. The applicant must inform the head of administration of the school of the topic chosen by the given date. The applicant must state at the beginning of the trial lecture for what level of teaching the lecture is intended.

4. Procedure in the trial lecture

Unless otherwise specified by the the Board of the School of Communication, Media and Theatre the trial lecture will take the form of a lecture and is open to the public. However, other applicants for the same post may not attend. For professorial posts and for a docent´s appointment the trial lecture should last 30 minutes, and for a lectureship or post as senior academic assistant 20 minutes.

The trial lecture may be recorded if the board of the School so decides. However, this decision will then apply equally to the lectures of all applicants.

(The person giving the trial lecture may refer to notes, but the lecture should be delivered freely, not by reading it aloud from papers). The University´s teaching equipment will be at the applicant´s disposal.

5. Assessment of the trial lecture

The Faculty Council assesses the trial lectures for professorial posts. The appropriate Departmental Council assesses trial lectures for docents´ nominations, and for posts as lecturers and senior academic assistants.

A grade of “pass” of “fail” may be given. Those trial lectures which are passed may be graded “excellent”, “good” and “satisfactory”. A grade of “satisfactory” may be compensated for by other teaching merits, but a “fail”.

Factors taken into account in assessing the trial lecture include

  • the applicant´s ability to
    • order the subject matter in a manner comprehensible to the audience
    • clarify the teaching situation
    • justify thoughts and claims expressed
    • make use of the latest research
    • teach in a manner which imparts enthusiasm and provokes thought
    • interact with the students
    • utilize illustrative aids
  • the applicant´s presentation skills

The above directions apply at the discretion the Board of Communication, Media and Theatre, who may if necessary issue different or additional directions in individual application procedures.

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