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Leonardo Custódio, Doctoral Student

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Articles in non-refereed publications:

(2012) 'NGO Media Education for the Promotion of Youth Civic Engagement in the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro', Newsletter on Children, Youth and Media in the World, number 2. See article here.

(2011) 'Between Minimalist and Maximalist Forms of Participation: an Interview with Nico Carpentier', Revista Brasileira das Ciências da Comunicação, 34(1): 269 – 286. See interview here.

(2011) 'Media as platforms for youth civic engagement in Rio de Janeiro's favelas', KommenttiSee article here.

Articles in refereed scientific journals:

(2011) 'Participatory Media as an Alternative Approach to Civic Action in Russia', Russian Journal of Communication 4, 3/4: 351 - 370. 


Conference Papers:

(June, 2013) 'Comunicação Comunitária nos BRICS: Comunidade Gerativa e Comunidade de Afeto como Propostas Conceituais', paper presented at the XXII annual meeting of the Brazilian Association of Post-Graduation Communication Programmes (Compós) at the Federal University of Bahia in Salvador, Bahia. Full programme here (in Portuguese).

(April, 2013) 'Offline Dimensions of Favela Youth Online Reactions to Human Rights Violations before Rio 2016 Olympics', paper presented at 'Claiming the City' Conference at the University of Uppsala, Sweden. Full programme here.

(March, 2013) 'Mediatization for a Multidimensional Approach to Online Civic Actions by Urban Poor from Favelas in Rio de Janeiro', paper presented at the International Research Workshop on 'Mediatization and New Media' by the ECREA Temporary Working Group on Mediatization in Copenhagen, Denmark. Full programme here.

(October, 2012) 'New ICTs for Civic Engagement of Marginalized Groups: Comparing Examples from Johannesburg and Rio de Janeiro' paper presented at the ECREA Conference in Istanbul, Turkey. Joint Paper with Sigrid Kannengiesser (University of Bremen).

(August, 2012) 'Youth Civic Engagement in Contexts of Social Inequality: Theoretical Impressions about NGO Media Projects in Favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil', paper presented at the Finnish Conference of Communication in Jyväskylä, Finland.

(February, 2012) 'Platforms for Citizen Participation or Digitized Local Bureaucracy? A Comparison between Rio de Janeiro and Istanbul’s City Websites', paper presented at the Working Group 'The Dynamics of Citizen Participation in a Global World' of the 'Citizenship Transformations in a Global World' in Helsinki, Finland. Abstract here. Joint paper with Itir Akdogan (University of Helsinki).

(February, 2012) 'Comparing Civic Roles of Media Education in the Global North and Global South', paper presented at the Working Group 'Education and Changing Forms of Citizenship' of the 'Citizenship Transformations in a Global World' in Helsinki, Finland. Abstract here.

(July, 2011) 'They still matter! The importance of print and analogue media for youth civic participation in the digital age', paper presented at the Participatory Communication Session of the IAMCR Conference in Istanbul, Turkey.

(July, 2011) 'Assessing Brazil's role in the contemporary international participatory media debates', paper presented at the ECREA-ALAIC panel in the IAMCR Conference in Istanbul, Turkey.

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