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Maarit Jaakkola

Dr. Soc. Sc., M.A., Adjunct Professor
Lecturer in Journalism, Postdoctoral Researcher
Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences (ITC)
Tampere University, Finland

E-mail: maarit.jaakkola [at]
Mobile: +358 40 190 1220
Twitter: @maaritjii
Address: Kalevantie 4, 33014 Tampere University, Finland

Personal homepage in English:
Personal homepage in Finnish:
LinkedIn profile
ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID): 0000-0001-9979-6157

Office: University main building, room E208
Office hour: upon agreement

Currently on a part-time (80 %) post-doc research leave, working 20 % as a Lecturer at the Faculty and 80 % as a Researcher and an Assistant Director at the Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research Nordicom at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Research interests

Journalism; journalistic practice; professionalism; arts and cultural journalism; art criticism; media production analysis; public pedagogy; journalism education; media and information literacy (MIL); professional development; online pedagogy; e-learning; social media; the Nordic countries as a media and research environment

Selected publications


Jaakkola, M. (2019). "Finland: Two academic paths to journalism – the dual model of higher education and journalism education." In: Nowak, E. (ed.) Accreditation and assessment of journalism education in Europe. Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlag.

Jaakkola, M. (2019). "The boundaries of belonging: Journalist interns’ workplace learning experiences across communities of practice." Journalism Education.


Jaakkola, M. (2019). "From re-viewers to me-viewers: The #Bookstagram review sphere on Instagram and the perceived uses of the platform and genre affordances." Interactions: Studies in Communication and Culture 10(1–2), 91–110.

Jaakkola, M. (2019). "The heterogeneity of the Nordic journalism education: The ’academic’ and the ’professional’ in the Bachelor’s curricula." The Journal of Applied Journalism and Media Studies 8:1, 3–24.

Jaakkola, M. & Uotila, P. (2019). "The literary construction of journalism education: A review of the course literature in Nordic academic Bachelor’s programmes." Journalism Practice, published online before print 22 March 2019.

Jaakkola, M. (2018). "Journalistic style and writing." In: Nussbaum, J. (ed.) Oxford Encyclopedia of Journalism Studies. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Jaakkola, M. (2018). "Vernacular reviews as a form of co-consumption: The user-generated review videos on YouTube." MedieKultur – Journal of Media and Communication Research, Special Issue "Cultural critique: Re-negotiating cultural authority in contemporary media culture", 34:65, 10–30.

Jaakkola, M. (2018). "Voicing young people’s perspectives: Media influencing as a form of collaboration between youth work and professional media organizations." In: Andersson, Y., Dahlquist, U. & Ohlsson, J. (eds.) Youth and news in a digital media environment – Nordic and Baltic perspectives. Gothenburg: Nordicom, 67–78.

Jaakkola, M. (2018). "Circuit training in the writing of art reviews: Discovering the built environment in iterative approaches." In: Jurado, M. & Peña Acuña, B. (eds.). Periodismo cultural en el siglo XXI (I): Contenidos docentes innovadores. Madrid: Editorial Universitas, 303–320.

Jaakkola, M. (2018). "S(t)imulating journalism in the classroom: A structured comparison of the design of pedagogical newsrooms in the Nordic academic journalism training. Journalism and Mass Communication Educator 73:2, 182–199. 

Hellman, H. & Jaakkola, M. & Salokangas, R. (2017). "From culture wars to combat games: The differentiation and development of culture departments in Finland." In: Kristensen, N.N. & Riegert, K. (eds.) Cultural journalism in the Nordic countries. Gothenburg: Nordicom, 49–68.

Eliasson, E. & Jaakkola, M. (2016). "More mobile, more flexible: Students' device ownership and cross-media news consumption, and their pedagogical implications." In: Hovden, J.F. & Nygren, G. & Zilliacus-Tikkanen, H. (eds.) Becoming a journalist: Journalism education in the Nordic countries. Gothenburg: Nordicom, 157–174.

Zilliacus-Tikkanen, H. & Hujanen, J. & Jaakkola, M. (2016). "Stable professional ideals, growing criticism towards journalistic practice: Finnish journalism students' perceptions about the profession." In: Hovden, J.F. & Nygren, G. & Zilliacus-Tikkanen, H. (eds.) Becoming a journalist: Journalism education in the Nordic countries. Gothenburg: Nordicom, 127–142.

Jaakkola, M. (2015). "More than hitting the 'publish' button: A pedagogical framework for supporting learners' critical relationship with publishing media work." Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy 15:4, 210–226.

Jaakkola, M. & Hellman, H. & Koljonen, K. & Väliverronen. J. (2015). "Liquid modern journalism with a difference: The changing professional ethos of cultural journalism." Journalism Practice. Online first July 17, 2015.

Jaakkola, M. (2015). The contested autonomy of arts and journalism: Change and continuity of the dual professionalism of cultural journalism. Acta Universitatis Tamperensis 2072. Tampere: Tampere University Press.

Jaakkola, M. (2015). "Teacher heutagogy in the network society: A framework for critical reflection." In: Jandric, P. & Boras, D. (eds.) Critical learning in digital networks. New York: Springer, 163–178.

Palmgren-Neuvonen, L. & Jaakkola, M. & Korkeamäki, R.-L. (2015). "School-context videos in Janus-faced online publicity: Learner-generated digital video production going online." Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research 59:3, 255–274.

Jaakkola, M. (2014). "Dismantling the 'crisis' of journalism: Outline of an analytical approach." Teaching Journalism & Mass Communication 4:2, 1–14.

Jaakkola, M. (2014). "Outsourcing views, developing news: Changes in art criticism in Finnish dailies, 1978–2008." Journalism Studies. Online first April 7, 2014.

Jaakkola, M. (2014). "Witnesses of a cultural crisis: Representations of media-related metaprocesses as professional metacriticism of arts and cultural journalism." International Journal of Cultural Studies. Online first February 11, 2014.

Jaakkola, M. (2013). "Diversity through dualism: The balancing principle as an organizational strategy in culture departments of newspapers." Nordicom Review 34:(Special issue December), 89–98.

Jaakkola, M. (2012). "Promoting aesthetic tourism: Transgressions between the generalist and the specialist subfields in cultural journalism." Journalism Practice 6:4, 482–496.

Hellman, H. & Jaakkola, M. (2012). "From aesthetes to reporters: The paradigm shift in arts journalism in Finland." Journalism: Theory, practice and criticism 13:8, 1–19.

More information in the SoleCRIS database


In the recent years, I have regularly taught the following courses in journalism education: JOVA20 The future of journalism, JOVA19 Print and online journalism, JOVTS2JB Journalistic management and leadership, JOVTS2JB Social media as a journalistic tool. Additionally, I coordinate the centralized journalistic internship system. I have also coordinated the lecture course in media education, MKAS2 Multicultural relationships with media and citizenship, and been in charge of the organization and production in the training newsroom of the print and online magazine Utain.

Other activities

Currently, I am the chair of the Nordic committee of journalism education (nordiska samarbetskommittén för journalistutbildning). Previously, I was a member of the Nordic NOS-HS network of cultural journalism research. Since 2014 I have also been working as a visiting lecturer in journalism at Riga Stradins University (RSU) in Latvia, giving courses in journalism and contributing to the annual summer school in cultural journalism.

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