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Instructions for Doctoral Candidates

Before submitting his or her manuscript, a student must make certain that his or her supervisor and the professor of the discipline consider the dissertation to be ready for examination and that the student has taken all the courses mentioned in the personal study plan.

The School appoints at least two examiners for the preliminary examination of the manuscript, preferably from outside the School, and they are each asked to submit a written statement on whether the manuscript has such scientific value that permission to defend it as a doctoral dissertation may be granted. The purpose of this preliminary examination is to ensure that the manuscript meets the formal and scientific criteria for the most advanced academic theses. Preliminary examiners assess whether a manuscript meets the evaluation criteria and the doctoral candidate can be granted the permission to publish and publicly defend the manuscript as a doctoral dissertation. If an examiner's statement is negative, the preliminary examination process can be discontinued. Once the professor or the supervisor grants permission, the preliminary examination can be reopened.

Once permission to publish the dissertation has been granted, the Board will appoint a custos and at least one opponent for the public defence of the dissertation. The custos must be a docent or a professor at the University of Tampere, and the opponents must primarily come from outside of the University of Tampere. In addition to granting permission to publish, CMT's Board nominates an evaluation board to assess the dissertation.


When a doctoral candidate has completed all the required studies, he or she must apply for a degree diploma using a specific application form. The application must include a list of all courses, seminars, etc. recorded in the personal study plan, and it must be submitted to the School's presenting official. The application, listing the studies in the detailed personal study plan, is delivered to the School Office. The applicant is requested to ensure that all the studies have been taken to the University's study register correctly before submitting the application.

The degree diploma states the title and grade of the dissertation and the discipline or major subject within which it was written. The discipline or major subject will also determine the student's degree title. If the postgraduate student majored in Journalism and Mass Communication, he or she will be awarded the degree of Doctor of Social Sciences or Licentiate of Social Sciences. If there is a well-justified reason, Journalism and Mass Communication majors may also be awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy or Licentiate of Philosophy.

Theatre Work majors will be awarded the degree of Doctor of Art (Theatre and Drama Research) or Licentiate of Art (Theatre and Drama Research). Speech Communication and Theatre and Drama Research majors will be awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy or Licentiate of Philosophy. The student's academic transcript listing all the courses, etc. taken for the degree will be attached to the degree diploma.

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