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Faculty of Communication SciencesUniversity of Tampere The School of Communication, Media and Theatre

The doctoral programme of the School of Communication, Media and Theatre will be transferring to new Faculty of Communication Sciences.

The study-related instructions and curricula of the School of Communication, Media and Theatre will continue to be used in connection with this doctoral programme.

CMT`s Doctoral Programme

CMT´s doctoral programme is unique in Finland, because it not only offers first-rate instruction in different disciplines, but the disciplines offered also meet and intersect, creating interdisciplinary dialogue. One of the key objectives of the programme is to combine theoretical ambitions and practical research in new and innovative ways.

The objective of the doctoral programme at the School of Communication, Media and Theatre is to train professionals who are qualified to work in demanding research and teaching posts in universities or in other professional positions that require a profound theoretical and methodological knowledge of the field. For instance, graduates may work in private organisations, higher education management, cultural management, arts management or scientific governance.

The aim of doctoral education is that the student
1. becomes well-versed in his/her own field of research and its social
significance and gains knowledge and skills needed to apply scientific
research methods independently and critically and to produce new scientific
knowledge within his/her field of research;
2. becomes conversant with the development, basic problems and research
methods of his/her own field of research; and
3. gains such knowledge of the general theory of science and of other disciplines
relating to his/her own field of research as enables him/her to follow
developments in them.

To be awarded a doctorate, the student must
1. complete the required doctoral studies;
2. demonstrate independent and critical thinking in the field of research; and
3. write a doctoral dissertation and defend it in public.

A student´s doctoral studies at CMT consist of a research seminar, theoretical and methological courses, courses promoting internationalisation and networking, courses improving knowledge of the student´s own discipline and research area, and the student´s doctoral dissertation or final project in the arts. See Studies Required for Postgraduate Degrees, Courses,  Brief Guide for Doctoral Studies and General Regulations on Postgraduate Studies.

The student and his/her supervisors must decide on the courses to be taken, along with when and how the student will take them.  Each doctoral student must draw up a written study and supervision plan together with his or her supervisors. The School recommends that the study and supervision plan be updated once a year.  See Supervision.

All doctoral students are automatically subscribed to CMT´s e-mail list for doctoral students (, which is used to pass on important information about postgraduate studies. The list is managed by Elisa Laatikainen elisa.laatikainen (a)

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