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Media as a holder and a vehicle of power

The study produces concrete and empirical knowledge that illuminates media power in today's information based society. It analyses the impact of publicity from the point of view of decision-making and its preparation and implementation. On the one hand , the issue is one of media's ability and means to influence social decision-making. On the other hand , the issue is how the other sectors of society promote their interests by utilising media and publicity. The special interest of the study is to analyse how representatives of different sectors of society perceive media and its power from the point of view of their own fields. In previous research this kind of "external view" of the media and journalism has usefully challenged media's own perceptions of itself. 

Contacts: Esa Reunanen, esa.reunanen(at), Risto Kunelius, risto.kunelius(at)

Partner: Helsingin Sanomat Foundation.

Duration: 2007-2010

Project plan

Media as a holder and a vehicle of power

Project events

The final report of the project, Media vallan verkoissa (Media in the Networks of Power), was published 30.11.2009.

Media in Power Workshop, University of Tampere, April 3-4, 2009


Kunelius, Risto & Reunanen, Esa (2012) The Medium of the Media. Journalism, Politics, and the Theory of "Mediatisation". Javnost - The Public 19:4, 5-24

Kunelius, Risto & Reunanen, Esa (2012) Media in Political Power: A Parsonian View on the Differentiated Mediatization of Finnish Decision Makers. The International Journal of Press/Politics 17:1, 56-75.

Noppari, Elina (2010) "Ihmisiähän tässä kaikki ollaan". Suomalaisten päättäjien ja journalistien vuorovaikutus ja luottamuksen rakentumisen käytännöt. [Interplay and formation of trust between Finnish journalists and decision makers] Media & Viestintä 33:3, 32-49.

Reunanen, Esa, Kunelius, Risto & Noppari, Elina (2010) Mediatization in context: Consensus culture, media and decision making in the 21st century, the case of Finland. Communications 35:3, 287-307.

Kunelius, Risto, Noppari, Elina & Reunanen, Esa (2009) Media vallan verkoissa (Media in the Networks of Power) Tampere: University of Tampere.

Kunelius, Risto & Reunanen Esa (2008) Iltalehden suuri lupaus. Journalismikritiikin vuosikirja. Tiedotustutkimus 31:2, 45-63.


Kunelius, Risto & Reunanen, Esa: The Medium of the Media in Mediatized Power. Presentation at Power & Difference. 3rd International Conference, Tampere, 27-29 August 2012.

Kunelius, Risto & Noppari, Elina & Reunanen, Esa: Journalismin muutos päättäjien näkökulmasta (The Change of Journalism from the Point of View of Decision Makers). Presentation at 5th Finnish Conference on Communication Research, Tampere 13.2.2010.

Kunelius, Risto & Noppari, Elina & Reunanen, Esa: (Why) and How to Study Media in Power? Presentation at Media in Power workshop, University of Tampere, April 3, 2009.

Kunelius, Risto & Noppari, Elina & Reunanen, Esa: Media in Power: Some New Truths. Presentation at Media in Power workshop, University of Tampere, April 3, 2009.

Reunanen, Esa & Kunelius, Risto: Median valta päättäjien näkökulmasta. Presentation at "Julkisuustutkimuksen päivät", University of Helsinki, February 5, 2009.

Kunelius, Risto, Reunanen, Esa & Noppari, Elina: Media and powerful actors. Presentation at Political Communication Section, IAMCR Congress, Stockholm, July 2008.


Post address: Tampere Research Centre for Journalism, Media and Communication, FI-33014 University of Tampere, Finland
Visiting address: Kalevantie 4, E-Wing,(3 rd floor)
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