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Publications by Svetlana Pasti (until 2003: Juskevits)


(2018) co-editor with Jyotika Ramaprasad: Contemporary BRICS Journalism: Non-Western Media in Transition. Routledge.

(2018) co-author with Ramaprasad, J. Introduction: why BRICS journalism matters. In S. Pasti & J. Ramaprasad (Eds.), Contemporary BRICS Journalism: Non-Western Media in Transition. London and New York: Routledge, 1-20.    

(2018) co-author with Gudipaty, N., Ramaprasad, J., Lago C., Li, X., & Rodny-Gumede, Y.  Gender: Towards equality? In S. Pasti & J. Ramaprasad (Eds.), Contemporary BRICS Journalism: Non-Western Media in Transition. London and New York: Routledge, 104-129.     

(2018) co-author with Ramaprasad, J., Paulino, F.O., Zhou, R. & Ndlovu, M. Professionalism: continuities and change. In S. Pasti & J. Ramaprasad (Eds.), Contemporary BRICS Journalism: Non-Western Media in Transition. London and New York: Routledge, 23-48.     

(2018) co-author with Ramaprasad, J., Ji, D., Zhou, R., Paulino, R.O., Gavra, D., Wasserman, H. & Ndlovu, M. Ethics: ideals and realities. In S. Pasti & J. Ramaprasad (Eds.), Contemporary BRICS Journalism: Non-Western Media in Transition. London and New York: Routledge, 72-103.     

(2018) co-author with Becker, B., Gudipaty, N., Xu, Y. & Ndlovu, M. Profession and practice: re-imagining the future of journalism.  In S. Pasti & J. Ramaprasad (Eds.), Contemporary BRICS Journalism: Non-Western Media in Transition. London and New York: Routledge, 130-156.        

(2017) co-author with Mellado, C; Hellmueller, L, Márquez-Ramírez, M; Humanes, M. L; Sparks, C; Stepinska, A; Schielicke, Anna-Maria; Tandoc, E. & Wang, H.  The Hybridization of Journalistic Cultures: A Comparative Study of Journalistic Role Performance. Journal of Communication, 1-24 . doi:10.1111/jcom.12339

(2016) co-author with Jyotika Ramaprasad Digitalization and journalists in the BRICS countries, Brazilian Journalism Research,   SPECIAL ISSUE/EDIÇÃO ESPECIAL: JOURNALISM ON BRICS v. 12, n. 1_EN (2016), 12-33.

(2015) 'A passion for Robin Hood: a case study of journalistic (in)dependence in Russia', in Boguslawa Dobek-Ostrowska and Michal Glowacki (eds.) Democracy and Media in Central and Eastern  Europe 25 Years On. Peter Lang, 117-136.

(2015) co-author with Jyotika Ramaprasad ‘The BRICS journalist within the changing dynamics of the early 21st century’, African Journalism Studies, 36: 3, 1-7.

(2015) co-author with Dmitry Gavra and Maria Anikina ‘New media in Russia: What is new?,  African Journalism Studies, 36: 3, 33-60.

(2015) (co-author) 'BRICS journalists in global research', in Kaarle Nordenstreng and Daya Kishan Thussu (eds.) Mapping BRICS Media. Routledge, 205-227.

(2014) 'Russian journalism as a social lift: comparing journalistic attitudes in the period 1992-2008' , in Michal Glowacki, Epp Lauk, Aukse Balcytiene (eds.) Journalism that Matters: Views from Central and Eastern Europe. Peter Lang, 153-173.

(2013) (co-author) ’Paradoxes of journalistic profession: Case of Russia in the context of the BRICS countries’, World of Media 2012 Yearbook of Russian Media and journalism Studies, Moscow, Moscow State University:  Media Mir, 243-268.

(2012) ‘Sovremennye  rossijskie zhurnalisty: otnoshenie k professii’ (Contemporary Russian Journalists and their attitudes to the profession), Vestnik MSU,  Moscow,  Moscow State University, Zhurnalistika, n. 4 July-August, 22-41.

(2012) (co-author) ‘The Russian Journalists and Their Profession’, in David H. Weaver and Lars Willnat (eds) The Global Journalist in the 21st Century. Routledge, 267-282.    

(2011) ’Journalismi ja kaupungistaminen nyky-Venäjällä’ (Journalism and urbanization in contemporary Russia), Idäntutkimus, The Finnish Review of East European  Studies, 2 Julkisuus, 37-48.

(2011) ‘Kachestvo zhurnalistiki i faktor urbanizatsii v sovremennoi Rossii’ (Quality of journalism and factor of urbanization in contemporary Russia), Zhurnalist. Sotsialjnye kommunikatsii,  Moscow, n.1: 36-43.

(2011) ‘Samochuvstvie v professii (Condition in the profession) Zhurnalist, Moscow, n.3: 78-80.

(2010) ‘A New Generation of Journalists’, in Arja Rosenholm, Kaarle Nordenstreng and Elena Trubina (eds) Russian Mass Media And Changing Values. Routledge, 57-75.  

(2010) ‘Raskhodyashchiesya galaktiki’ (Diverging galaxies) Zhurnalistika & Mediarynok: n.11, November 2010. The Russian Union of Journalists: Moscow. 

(2009) ‘Zhurnalist v professii: konets 2008’ (A Journalist in the profession), in Pavel Gutiontov (ed) Formula doveria. Materialy Mezhdunarodnogo kongressa zhurnalistov. Russian Union of Journalists. Moscow, 69-77.                         

(2008) (co-author) ‘Journalists in Russian regions: How different generations view their professional roles’, in Stephen White (ed) Media, Culture And Society in Putin’s Russia. Palgrave Macmillan, 109-132.      

(2007) The Changing Profession of a Journalist in Russia. Tampere: Tampere University Press, Acta Universitatis Tamperensis 1265.

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(2004) A Russian Journalist in Context of Change: Media of St. Petersburg [in Russian]. Tampere:  Tampere University Press, Media Studies.

(2004) (co-editor) Analysis of Training of Professional Journalism in Slovakia. December 2004, Bratislava, Slovakia. The Phare project 2003-04-995-01- 03 003, programme Fight against Corruption. Financed by the EC.

(2004) (co-editor) Investigatívna zurnalistika Rady Právnikov, Postrehy, Úvahy, Komentáre [Investigative Journalism: advices and comments]. Bratislava.  

(2004) (co-author) “Political Situation”, in Monitoring the Media Coverage of the December 2003 Parliamentary Elections in Russia. Moscow, The Russian Union of Journalists & SIM Spa. Gico Branch financed by the EC, 7-17.  

(2003) ’Rossiiskii zhurnalist v kontse 1990-kh. Keis stadi Cankt-Peterburgskikh meida’, in Simonov A.K. (ed) Vzglyad, 1. Glasnost Defence Foundation, Moscow: Galeria, 7-17.

(2003) ‘Ot propagandy - k PR: udel Rossiiskoi zhurnalistiki?’ [From Propaganda to PR ― the Destiny of Russian Journalism?], in Jury Kazakov (ed) Sotsialnaya  otvetstvennost zhurnalista: opyt sovremennogo prochteniya [The Social Responsibility of a  Journalist: The Experience of Contemporary Reading]. Moscow: Strategia, 28-54.

(2002) Professional Roles of Russian Journalists at the End of the 1990s: A Case Study of St. Petersburg Media. Licentiate thesis. University of Tampere, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication.

(2001) ‘Zhurnalism kak personalnaya ambitsiya’, in S. G. Korkonosenko andI.N.  Blokhin, V.I. Kuzin and V.A. Sidorov (eds): Zhurnalistika i Sotsiologiya' 2000 Zhurnalistika kak massovaya kommunikatsiya. St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg State University, 94-106. 

(2001) ‘K voprosu o statuse zhurnalista’,  Nevsky Nablyudatel. St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg State University 1(6), 38-42.



Since 2010 selectively

David Benn Memorial Lecture The State of Russia's Media. Chatham House, London, 11 December 2017

Journalistic education in the assessments of Russian journalists of the second decade of the 21st century: Criticism, nostalgia and lack of consensus on the issue. European Journalism Training Association's Teacher's Conference (EJTA), Moscow, 19-20 October 2017

Journalists in the digital world. All Russia Conference of Union of Journalists. Dagomys, Russia, 27-29 October, 2016

A feminizing profession and traditional values in Russia. IAMCR Conference, Leicester, 29 July 2016

Conflict and Resistance:  Journalistic online start-ups  in the Russian media system. ICCEES Congress in Makuhari, Tokyo, 3-8 August, 2015

Journalists in BRICS: Reporting findings of empirical research.  IAMCR Conference in Montreal, Journalism Research and Education (JRE) section, 15 July 2015

Russian journalists online and mainstream: More common than different. IAMCR Conference in Montreal, Journalism Research and Education (JRE) section, 15 July 2015

Who makes new media in Russia? Findings from three case studies. The 6th International Media Readings in Moscow. Mass Media and Communication-2014, October 17-18, 2014

Media Freedom in Russia: How reporters realize it. The 7th International Central and East European Communication and Media Conference (CEECOM), June, 12-14, 2014, University of  Wroclaw, Poland    

(coauthor) Towards a Typology of the BRICS Journalists. ECREA, Journalism Studies Section Conference, Thessaloniki March, 28-29, 2014  

Journalists in the BRICS countries. The 5th International Media Readings in Moscow. Mass Media and Communication - 2013, November 14-15, 2013

Internet media shaking Russian and Chinese media systems, (with Dmitri Gavra and Peixi Xu) IAMCR conference in Dublin, 25-29 June 2013, sessions of the International Communication Section

Building democracy in Russia: Online media and protests. BASEES/ICCEES European Congress 'European Crisis and Renewal', April 5-8.2013, Cambridge, UK.

The Russian Journalists: Dilemmas in the Unionization. Presentation at Matters of Journalism: Understanding Professional Challenges and Dilemmas, Gdansk, 14-15 September 2012.

Paradoxes of Journalistic Profession: Russia in the Context of BRICS Countries (with Kaarle Nordenstreng). At Identity, changes and challenges of the profession in the 21st Century, 1st International Conference of Journalism Studies, Santiago de Chile, 27-29 June 2012.

Rossijskaya media sistema – paradoksaljnaya, no ne unikaljnaya (Russian Media System Paradoxical, but no Unique). Keynote lecture. At the 2nd International Conference of Russian Journalists, the Volga cruise, 18-22 May 2012.  

Russian Media System in the Context of BRICS (with Kaarle Nordenstreng). Presentation at BASEES Annual Conference, Cambridge, 31 March - 2 April 2012.

Russian Journalism as a Social Lift. At Journalistic Cultures: Facing Social and Technological Changes, the 3d International Media Readings in Moscow, MSU, 10-12 November 2011.

Rossijskie zhurnalisty (Russian Journalists). Keynote lecture. At Zhurnalistika – Kategoria Nravstvennaya (Journalism – The Moral Category) V International Conference of Journalists, Novosibirsk, 11-14 May 2011.  

Why Are Russian Journalists Happy in Not Free Media? At The Dragon and the Bear: Strategic Choices of China and Russia, Aleksanteri-Institute Conference, Helsinki, 9 November 2011, Helsinki.

Divided models of journalism: The Regional Russia. Keynote lecture. At International Congress of Russian Journalists. Khabarovsk-Harbin, 18-22 October 2010.

Journalism in Post-Soviet Russia: From political enthusiasm to private interest. At International Conference ‘Comparing Journalism: Theory, Methodology, Findings’. Eichstaett (Bavaria), Germany, 11-13 July 2010.

Journalistic cultures in a changing world. At Finnish-Russian project workshop, MSU, Moskova, 7-8 June 2010.

Journalists in Russian magazines. At The British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies (BASEES) Conference, Cambridge, United Kingdom. 28-31 March 2010.

Journalists in Russian magazines: What is different from other media. At VIII VIEPÄ Conference, Helsinki, 8-9 March 2010.

Journalists in Smaller Cities of Russia: Are They Different?(with Mikhail Chernysh). At  VIII World Congress of the International Council for Central and East European Studies (ICCEES), Stockholm, 26-31 July 2010.

The quality press in Russia: Between image resource and professional passion. “Gorod Peterburgsky zhurnal”.  At International Conference ‘Magazines and New Media Culture in Russia’. MSU, Moskova, 30 September -1 October 2010.

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