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Docents of the Faculty of Education

Name Field of expertise
Alasuutari Maarit Education, especially early education cultures
Filander Karin Adult education, especially working life research
Harinen Päivi Education, especially sociology of education
Havu-Nuutinen Sari Education, especially pre and primary education
Heikkinen Anja Education, especially history and philosophy of vocational education
Heikkinen Hannu Education, especially research of teachers' professional development
Helander Jaakko Education, especially guidance and councelling
Honka Juhani Education, especially vocational education
Honkonen Risto Education, especially professional growth
Innanen Tapani Education, especially pedagogy of religion
Jaatinen Riitta Didactics of foreign languages, especially vocationally oriented teaching of a foreign language
Jarnila Rauno Planning, management and economy of vocational education
Kaikkonen Pauli Education, especially intercultural education
Kallio Eeva Education, especially psychological development of adults
Kangassalo Marjatta Education, especially early education in information society
Karila Kirsti Education, especially early education
Kautto-Koivula Kaisa Vocational education, especially developing new learning environments in working life
Keranto Tapio Didactics of mathematics
Koiranen Matti Vocational education, especially entrepreneurship and staff training
Koro-Ljungberg Mirka Education, qualitative research methods
Kurki Leena Education
Laukkanen Reijo Education, especially international politics of education
Lehtonen Heleena Education, especially research of reading
Lehtovaara Jorma Didactics of foreign languages
Lehtovaara Maija Education, especially philosophy of education
Levanen Leo Education, especially theater education
Mahlamäki-Kultanen Seija Education, learning environments in vocational education
Moisio Olli-Pekka Education, especially philosophy of adult education
Naukkarinen Aimo Education, especially inclusive education
Nikkanen Pentti Education, especially vocational education
Nokelainen Petri Vocational education, especially modern modelling methods
Pantzar Eero Adult education
Pietarinen Janne Education, especially school research
Pihko Marja-Kaisa Education, especially language education
Poikela Esa Education, especially learning in work place
Puolimatka Tapio Education, especially philosophy of education
Puroila Anna-Maija Education, especially early education
Rauhala Pentti Education, especially vocational education
Rinne Risto Politics of education
Saari Seppo Evaluation of education
Salo Petri Adult education, escpecially civic non-formal education
Sihvo Marketta Study of voice care and of the voice
Silfverberg Harry Education, especially education in mathemathics
Stenström Marja-Leena Vocational education
Tirri Kirsi Education
Uusikylä Kari Education
Valli Raine Education, especially applied quantitative research
Varmola Tapio Education, especially evaluation of adult education
Vehviläinen Sanna Adult education
Vuorinen Juha Sociology of education
Waaramaa-Mäki-Kulmala Teija Vocology and non-verbal communication
Waniganayake Manjula Education, especially leadership and quality in early education
Wiseman Angela Education, especially multiliteracies pedagogy
Faculty of Education
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