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International Education and Training

The Faculty of Education at the University of Tampere is the most popular choice among the teacher education applicants in Finland. Research Assessment Exercise of the University of Tampere (2014), carried out by an international evaluation panel, has acknowledged the high quality of research at the Faculty of Education.

The Faculty of Education trains culturally aware experts in education, who are encouraged to engage in extensive and critical thinking. As a research and learning community, we analyse status of and changes in education and society, and participate in strengthening the civic foundations of society.


The Faculty of Education educates experts to work in the public and private education sectors:

  • Pre-primary school teachers
  • Class teachers (primary school)
  • Subject teachers (secondary school, general and vocational upper secondary school, vocational school, vocational higher education, adult education)
  • Life long learning experts
  • Doctoral degrees in education
  • Continuing education programmes for teachers, principals and educators on demand

The Faculty of Education provides education and training on demand in its areas of expertise according to the framework of internationalisation at the University of Tampere

The competencies taught involve research and experience of Finnish education, teacher training and adult education as well as on-going development work in Finnish schools.

Strong focus on contemporary issues in society characterises our research and education.


Our values in research and education include analytical thinking, equality and equal access to education. We value life long learning as the framework of curricula and education design.

Student-centered approach and the latest learning theories as well as teachers' autonomy in making pedagogical decisions are important premises in our education.

We engage in effective working methods to meet the needs of various  learners and help students overcome any difficulties in learning.

Commissioned International Programmes

The international programmes at the Faculty of Education are executed by Finland University Inc, a company co-owned by University of Tampere, University of Turku, and University of Eastern Finland.

The principles of implementation

  • The programmes are implemented using a wide range of the most advanced learning methods, utilising both in-class and distance education, according to choices made during the programme design process.
  • The assignments and projects are designed to localise the programme in the students' environments.
  • The practical application of the programmes is emphasised throughout the studies.
  • Co-operative and collaborative methods as well as individual work are used.

We also provide customised programmes, designed according to the needs of the customer, to meet the educational requirements and the cultural and regional specifications of the participant organisation. The tayloring process usually takes at least several months, depending on the programme in question.

Available programmes

How to contact us

When you contacting the Faculty of Education of the University of Tampere in matters relating to co-operation, please, use the following contact information.

You can expect our reply within a week from contacting us, with the exception of the Finnish holiday season from late June to mid August.

If necessary, we can arrange a video conference using Skype, Skype for Business or Adobe Connect.

Chief of Educational Affairs, Faculty of Education
Ms Tea Seppälä
Phone +358 50 318 7700

Mailing address:
Faculty of Education
33014 University of Tampere

Coordinator of Transnational Education, University of Tampere
Key Account Manager, Finland University Inc.
Ms Mirka Gustafsson, M.Sc
tel. +358 40 190 4087

Mailing address:
International office
33014 University of Tampere


Faculty of Education Main Campus (Virta-building)
Åkerlundinkatu 5, Tampere, Finland (map location »)

University of Tampere Teacher Training School
Kuokkamaantie 16, Tampere, Finland (map location »)

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Faculty of Education
Ã…kerlundinkatu 5, FI-33014 University of Tampere, Finland
tel. +358 (0)3 355 111
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