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Early Childhood Education Institutions, Policies and Practices research group (ECEPP)

Research theme 1

Transforming ECE policies and practices


Team: Kirsti Karila & Maiju Paananen

Aim: The project examines the potential sources of inequality of the ECEC and child care benefit system.

Collaborative partners: University of Jyväskylä (PI: Prof. Maarit Alasuutari), PERLA (Team leader, Prof. Katja Repo), THL (Team leader: Johanna Lammi-Taskula)

Funding: Srategic Research Council, Academy of Finland (2015-2017).


Memories of post/socialist childhood and schooling

PI: Zsuzsa Millei

Aim: The project explores childhood and schooling in late socialist societies by bringing into dialogue public narratives and personal memories that move beyond imaginaries of Cold War divisions between the East and West.

Collaborative partners: Professor Iveta Silova, Arizona State University, USA and Dr Nelli Piattoeva, The University of Tampere, Finland.


Childhood and politics

PI: Zsuzsa Millei

Aim: The project explores (1) Children as targeted objects of political initiatives that draw on various scientific bodies of knowledge, such as psychology or neuroscience, to secure and improve their health, development, wellbeing and education. (2) Children as instrumentalized objects for economic, social or political outcomes, such as raw materials for society, human capital investments or other types of agenda that aims to shape their lives. (3) Children as political subjects who participate in politics, be that official politics concerning social issues that matters to them, or more ‘mundane politics’ that arise in children’s day-to-day lives.

Collaborative partners: Professor Eva Bendix Petersen, Roskilde University, Denmark;  Kirsi Pauliina Kallio, SPARG, University of Tampere, Finland; Dr Brad Gobby, Curtin University, Australia, Professor Maarit Alasuutari, University of Jyväskylä, Finland; Dr Mikko Joronen, SPARG, University of Tampere, Finland.


Children´s paths in Early Childhood Education and Care

Responsible researcher: Mari Vuorisalo

Aim: The project examines how daily practices, culture and pedagogical spaces are constructed in the early education institution. The study aims at interpreting the children´s everyday life in early childhood education and care through various qualitative data.

Collaborative partners: Niina Rutanen (University of Jyväskylä) and Raija Raittila (University of Jyväskylä)


Doctoral students:

Janniina Vlasov’s doctoral dissertation is titled ‘Comparative study of Socio-Cultural Changes in Early Childhood Education’ and examines early childhood education in the USA, Russia, and Finland. The central aim is to identify changes that have taken place in the child care sector in the studied society contexts over the last two decades. The multi methodological study is part of a larger research project “Education in a Changing Society” that is run by professor Eeva Hujala.

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