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Higher education in transition (HET)

Research group leaders

The basis for the research group lies in the Campus Conexus project in years 2009-2014 and the goal is to continue the research of transitions in higher education from societal and pedagogical point of views.

Additional information about ongoing research, themes, people and actual issues is available in the research group blog:

Research activities in HET-research group are organised around four thematic subgroups formed by researchers working in the same HE research field. These thematic areas connect researchers also from the different academic research career phases (professor, docent, postdoc, doctoral student). In the internationalisation team, there are also researchers involved from School of Management.

  • Curriculum an learning communities. The aim is to make visible the different intentions, dynamics and meanings of curriculum, and encourage research-based dialogue in changing learning communities.
  • Student experience and learning. The aim is to conceptualize and bring forth the meaning of studying, student engagement and learning in changing higher education circumstances from the perspectives of admission onto higher education studies, different disciplinary learning environments, diversity of study trajectories, student background characteristics and guidance and counselling.
  • Spaces of education. The aim is to examine and understand the meanings and roles of space in learning and education. Our focus is on how spaces of education are constructed and how the construction processes relate to students' and teachers' identity. The research activities include contexts from virtual spaces, policy spaces, and transnational spaces of education.
  • Internationalisation. The aim is to shed light on the trends behind internationalisation from mobility, structures and policy perspectives and more closely examine the internationalisation effects and diversity challenges from the point of central actors and groups like international and home students, teachers, academic communities, academic leaders and employers.

Thematic groups

Curriculum and learning communities

Johanna Annala (docent; team coordinator)
Tiina Kujala (postdoc)
Jyri Lindén (postdoc)
Marita Mäkinen (prof.)
Helena Rajakaltio (postdoc)
Soile Roth (doctoral student)

Student experience and learning

Vesa Korhonen (docent; team coordinator)
Terhi Mäntylä (docent; team coordinator)
Johanna Annala (docent)
Marita Mäkinen (prof.)
Sirpa Mäkinen (postdoc)
Tanja Hautala (doctoral student)
Jouko Jousea (doctoral student)
Susanna Mikkonen (doctoral student)
Jonna Henriksson (MEd.)

Spaces of education

Jyri Lindén (postdoc; team coordinator)
Anne Jyrkiäinen (post doc)
Marita Mäkinen (prof.)
Jouko Jousea (doctoral student)
Jaana Alajoki (doctoral student)
Marko Lahtinen (doctoral student)
Suvi Taipale (doctoral student)
Satu Niittylahti (doctoral student)
Ville Mankki (doctoral student)


Vesa Korhonen (docent; team coordinator)
Pauliina Alenius (postdoc)
Dong Seob Lee (doctoral student)
Hanwei Li (doctoral student)
Laura Pylväs (doctoral student)
Anne Tornberg (doctoral student)
Tahani Fourah (doctoral student)
Yulia Shumilova (doctoral student, School of Management)
Gaoming Zheng (doctoral student, School of Management)

Contact person for the research group communications: Jyri Lindén.

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