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Globalizing social and health care

Keynote speakers

Jaakko Kiander

Doctor of Political Science (Dr. Pol. Sc.), Docent, Senior Vice President

In 2010, Kiander started working at the employment pension company Ilmarinen where he is Senior Vice President in charge of finance, administration and pension policy and a member of the Executive Committee.

Kiander has extensive expertise of research and instruction in higher education. He has taught economics at the Universities of Helsinki and Eastern Finland, and Helsinki School of Economics. Dr. Kiander previously worked as director of the Economic Crisis of the 1990s research programme funded by the Academy of Finland. He has published widely on public finance, labour markets and macroeconomics. 

The topic of his keynote is “Diversity and Economy in Social and Health Care”.

Jaakko Kiander

Olli Sorainen

Senior Government Counsellor, Licentiate in Laws, Master of Social Sciences

 Olli Sorainen has long experience of working with issues related to immigration policies and legislation at the Ministry of Employment and the Economy (previously called Ministry of Labour).  

The topic of his keynote is “International recruitment in the social and health sector”.

Olli Sorainen

Alexander Braddell


Alexander Braddell has many years’ experience in the field of workplace learning, with specialist expertise in learning for non-professional staff in the UK health and social care sector. He has worked at local, regional, national and international levels with public, voluntary and private sector organisations. He is an associate of Skills for Care, for whom he developed the national strategy for core skills in adult social care. With colleagues from Germany, France and Sweden, he is currently undertaking a project for the Council of Europe’s European Centre for Modern Languages, focused on work-related language learning for adult migrants. He was the UK partner in a recent project to disseminate innovative approaches to workplace language learning developed in Sweden.

The topic of his keynote is “Experiences of supporting language learning in multicultural work communities.” In his presentation, he focuses on the Swedish and British experiences.


Pirkko Pitkänen


Pirkko Pitkänen is Professor of Educational Policy and Multicultural Education at the University of Tampere. Professor Pitkänen has managed several international and national research projects and published widely in national and international fields. The areas of her expertise include transnationalism, cross-cultural work multicultural education.

The topic of her keynote is “The role of research in enhancing multicultural social and health care work.

Pirkko Pitkänen

Sverre O. Lie

Professor Emeritus

Sverre O. Lie is a Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Oslo. He has published more than 200 articles in journals and books and co-author of several books. For the last ten years he has worked in International Health, linked to the Norwegian efforts to reach the Millennium Development Goals.

The topic of his keynote is Globalizing health care in Norway: Experiences and challenges.

O. Lie.jpg

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