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Research-based education in university pedagogy

"The university of Tampere educates shapers of the future, people who understand the world and will change it. The University emphasises the close connection between teaching and research, and the social impact of its activities."   -The strategy of the University of Tampere for 2016-2020

University pedagogy stands for research-based education and development of teaching and learning in the academic community.  With the term university pedagogy, we do not refer just to individual, but also to collegial pedagogical competency that is promoted, sustained and fostered within the university community. Pedagogical competency results in excellent curriculum, learning environments and processes, and high quality learning outcomes.

University pedagogy at the University of Tampere emphasizes

  • critical thinking and interdisciplinary dialogue to promote teaching and learning at the university
  • experimental and developmental approach to promote research-teaching nexus
  • collegial, participatory and reciprocal procedures to promote well-being and engagement (of both staff and students)

The Faculty of Education provides research-based education in university pedagogy. Read more about the research group 'Higher Education in Transition' (HET).

Qualifications and course offerings

In Finland, the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning (60 ECTS) is required in vocational education, adult education and in the universities of applied sciences, but not in research universities. However, when applying for a teaching post in Finnish universities, in practice, an introductory course of university pedagogy (10 ECTS/270 hours) is highly recommended or required.

The Faculty of Education offers the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education/ University pedagogy (60 ECTS) in Finnish and a Certified Pedagogical Education “Teaching and Learning in Higher Education” (10 ECTS) in English.

The introductory course Teaching and learning in higher education (10 ECTS) has been organized in English in 2014, 2015 and 2016-2017. Next time the course will be organized during the spring semester 2018 (full). This course is targeted at international professors, teachers, researchers, supervisors and doctoral researchers working at the University of Tampere, especially those who are interested in developing their pedagogical expertise and linking up with colleagues with similar interests.

Transnational programmes 

The introductory course can be tailored to different international or domestic universities or partners on demand. The first transnational programme was organized with RMUTT, Thailand, in April-June 2016, and after that six more programmes have been organised in 2016-2018, and a training programme for trainers in university pedagogy is going on. In collaboration with Anima Education, Brazil, we have first program going on in 2017-2018. These programmes are implemented in collaboration with FINUNI.

Some reflections of the learning outcomes

“During the course, my teacher’s identity developed the most -- my career has been strongly focused on research and I have thought that I identify with the researcher community the most. During this spring, I ”found” my teacher colleagues in a way, and the most important observation was that regardless of the discipline and the teaching subject, the challenges and experiences of success were similar to all of us.”

“I found names, concepts for things that I am surrounded by and which are now easier to grasp.”

“I truly learned to look at myself, my work and my work community from another point of view, and that point of view was not bad at all.”

“I had not previously thought about the issue of how important it is to engage to studies and the university community as a starting point for learning.“

“It was very healthy to put yourself in the role of the student and see the academic world from that point of view”

Further information:

Training for staff of University of Tampere
Johanna Annala, Adjunct Professor, Senior Lecturer, Ph.D., johanna.annala(at), tel.  +358 40 190 4090
Jyri Lindén, Senior Lecturer, Ph.D., jyri.linden(at), tel. +358 50 318 6969

International Education and Training
Juha Himanka, Adjunct Professor, Senior Lecturer, Ph.D., juha.himanka(at), tel.+358 50 509 9097
Terhi Skaniakos, Senior Lecturer, Ph.D., terhi.skaniakos(a), tel. +358 50 417 7277
Milla Kinnunen, University teacher, M.Ed., milla.kinnunen(a), tel. +358 50 437 7043

Mirka Gustafsson, Key Account Manager, Finland University FINUNI mirka.gustafsson(at), tel. +358 40 190 4087
Outi Stüber, Project manager, M.Ed., outi.stuber(a), tel. +358 40 190 1804


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