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Ammatillinen huippuosaaminen ja oppiminen (CharVEL)

Vastuuhenkilö: Professori Petri Nokelainen

Person in charge: Professor Petri Nokelainen

The research group investigates factors related to professional and vocational talent development and learning in various types of learning environments. The research is related to the ”Educational and learning environments” and ”Professional growth and development” research focus areas of the School of Education.

  • Vocational talent development refers to characteristics and predictors related to vocational expertise and excellence in both professions (higher education) and vocations (secondary and post-secondary education). These characteristics include, for instance, natural abilities (gifts), intrinsic characteristics (self-regulatory abilities, competence), and extrinsic conditions (domain and non-domain specific factors).
  • Learning environments are considered from a broad perspective, including both physical and virtual closed (formal, e.g., curriculum-based education in institutions), open (non-formal and informal, e.g., workplaces, social media), and hybrid (e.g., apprenticeships) environments.
  • Professional growth refers to the learning process throughout entire career, in which an individual embraces skills needed to respond to the changes in working life.
  • Professional development refers to a collection of concrete developmental strategies and functions that support professional growth.

Research themes

  • Professional and vocational talent development
  • Professional growth and development in changing working and learning environments
  • Regulation of learning in the context of technology-enhanced learning environments
  • Inter- and multicultural issues related to the development of professional and vocational competence
  • Participatory learning and life-cycle model on the design and construction of built environment and learning environments
  • Application of Bayesian statistics in mixed-methods research

Research group

Professor (Tampere University of Technology), Docent (University of Tampere) Petri Nokelainen, Professor Sirkku Kotilainen, Dr. Kreeta Niemi, Dr. Docent Toni Saarivirta, Dr. Heidi Kaisvuo, Dr. Essi Ryymin, Dr. Eija Laitinen and Dr. Riina Koris.

PhD students: MA Tahani Fourah, MA Kirsi Hanhisalo, Dr. Iiris Humala, MA Merja Kuisma, MA Niina Mykrä, MA Timo Nevalainen, MA Laura Pylväs, EdLic Markku Rimpelä, ME Alpo Salmisto (Tampere University of Technology), MA Anna Wallin.

Master’s students: Eija Lehtonen, Katarina Ojala, Jaana Väisänen (University of Eastern Finland)

The CharVEL research group has collaboration with HET and LDS and research groups in the School of Education.

National and international collaboration

Department of Pervasive Computing, Tampere University of Technology, Finland
Professor Hannu-Matti Järvinen, Professor Petri Ihantola

Department of Information Management and Logistics, Tampere University of Technology, Finland
Professor Samuli Pekkola, Associate Professor Nina Helander

Department of Education, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Professor Raija Hämäläinen

Department of Teacher Education, University of Turku, Finland
Senior researcher Dr. Tuire Palonen, Professor Erno Lehtinen, Professor Els Boshuizen (Open University, The Neatherlands)

  • Asiantuntijuuden osoittaminen erikoistumiskoulutuksissa (ASOS) (Demonstration of expertise in specialist training)

Institute of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland
Professor Sari Lindblom-Ylänne, Senior researcher Dr. Liisa Postareff

Department of Teacher Education, University of Helsinki, Finland
Professor Kirsi Tirri, Professor Kristiina Kumpulainen

  • Pedagogy of humane well-being in schools (PROTAGORAS)
  • Teachers' Moral Competence in Pedagogical Encounters (MoCo)

Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki, Finland
Professor Petri Myllymäki

  • Complex Systems Computation Group (CoSCo), member of the Finnish Center of Excellence in Computational Inference Research (COIN). Professor Petri Nokelainen is CoSCo Alumni Member.
  • Agile Education Research (RAGE) group

London Centre for Leadership in Learning, Institute of Education, UK
Professor Toby Greany

SKOPE, Department of Education, University of Oxford, UK
Dr. Susan James, Dr. Cathy Stasz, Dr. Maia Chankseliani
Professor Petri Nokelainen is SKOPE Senior research fellow

Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, UK
Senior Research Fellow Ronnie Ramlogan

Department of Global, Urban and Social Studies, RMIT University, Australia
Dr. Helen Smith, Dr. Mohammad Rahimi

Educational Tranformations, Australia
Professor Brian Caldwell

Faculty of Education, University of Alberta, Canada
Professor José da Costa

College of Education, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Professor Paul Newton

Xerox Research Centre Europe, France
Dr. Tomi Silander

Department of Economics, Roma Tre University, Italy
Professor Francesco Crespi

Department of Economics and Statistics, University of Turin, Italy
Professor Pierpaolo Patrucco

Ingenio (CSIC-UPV), Spain
Research Fellow Davide Consoli

Hong Kong Institute of Education
Professor Yin Cheong Cheng

School of Education, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Professor Ami Volansky

Research projects

The long-term and cumulative research builds on externally funded research projects. The funding sources are: Finnish Ministry of Culture and Education, Finnish Work Environment Fund, RYM Indoor Environment Program, City of Tampere Apprenticeship Fund, Academy of Finland, and Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation.

International research projects

Recent publications

Nokelainen, P., Pylväs, L., & Rintala, H. (2017). Integration of vocational education and workplace learning in Finland. To appear in Billett, S. et al. (Eds.) (2017). Integration of vocational education and training experiences: Purposes, practices and principles. Dortrecht: Springer.

Nokelainen, P., Kaisvuo, H., & Pylväs, L. (2016). Self-regulation and competence in work-based learning. In M. Mulder (Ed.), Competence-based Vocational and Professional Education. Bridging the Worlds of Work and Education (pp. 775-793). Cham: Springer International Publishing Switzerland.

Rintala, H., Mikkonen, S., Pylväs, L., Nokelainen, P., & Postareff, L. (2015). Työpaikalla tapahtuvaa oppimista ja ohjausta edistävät ja estävät tekijät [Promoting and Hindering Factors of Workplace Learning and Guidance]. Ammattikasvatuksen aikakauskirja [Journal of Professional and Vocational Education], 17(4),9–21.

Hämäläinen, R., De Wever, B., Malin, A. & Cincinnato, S. (2015). Education and working life: VET adults’ problem-solving skills in technology-rich environments. Computers & Education, 88, 38-47.

Hämäläinen, R. & Cattaneo, A. (2015). New TEL Environments for Vocational Education - Teacher's Instructional Perspective. Vocations and Learning: Studies in vocational and professional education, 8(2),135-157.

Hämäläinen, R. & Laine, K. (2015). Classroom Orchestration: Balancing between Personal and Collaborative Learning Processes. International Journal of Virtual and Personal Learning Environments (IJVPLE), 5(3).

Laitinen, E., Nokelainen, P., & Pylväs, L. (2015). Ammattikorkeakoulujen opettajien ulkomailla asumisen kokemuksen vaikutus itsearvioituun kulttuuriälyyn ja sen koettuun tärkeyteen opettajan työssä [Investigation of the Impact of Polytechnic Teachers Living Abroad Experience on Their Self-assessed Cultural Intelligence and its Perceived Importance on Teacher's Work]. Ammattikasvatuksen aikakauskirja [Journal of Professional and Vocational Education], 17(2), 61-81.

Pylväs, L., Nokelainen, P., & Roisko, H. (2015). The Role of Natural Abilities, Intrinsic Characteristics, and Extrinsic Conditions in Air Traffic Controllers’ Vocational Development. Journal of Workplace Learning, 27(3), 241-263.

Salmisto, A., & Nokelainen, P. (2015). Knowledge creation and innovation in civil engineering course for the first-year university students. European Journal of Engineering Education, 40(5), 506-521.

Koris, R., & Nokelainen, P. (2015). The student-customer orientation questionnaire (SCOQ): application of customer metaphor to higher education. International Journal of Educational Management, 29(1), 115-138.


29.01.2016 Heidi Ahokallio-Leppälä "Competence at the centre of all activities - New paradigm for a university of applied sciences"

18.09.2015 Jari Hautamäki "The Leadership of Regional Development Network from the point of view of Preparation of Sudden Structural Change"

12.03.2015 Tuija Arola "The individualization of graduates with an immigrant backround in competence-based qualifications"

18.09.2015 Jari Hautamäki, “The Leadership of Regional Development Network from the point of view of Preparation of Sudden Structural Change”

01.03.2015 Tuija Arola, “The individualization of graduates with an immigrant backround in competence-based qualifications”

12.12.2014 Eija Laitinen, “Intercultural competence and measuring instruments of HEI teaching staff”

12.09.2014 Riina Koris, “Customer Orientation at a Higher Educational Institution: The Perspective of Undergraduate Business Students in Estonia” (Main supervisor: Prof. Marianne Kallaste, Tallinn Technical University, Estonia.)

28.04.2014 Satu Mäkinen, “Mentoring process as a promoter of professional growth for a nursing student with a different cultural background in the transcultural learning environment of public health care”

22.01.2014 Rita Ahvenniemi, “Mental Management: NLP and Relaxation as a means of enhancing the work ability of teachers”

09.12.2013 Jouni Suominen, “Where is the Team Entrepreneurship? A critical evaluation of philosophical roots of entrepreneurship and entrepreneur education”

24.05.2013 Mirka Hintsanen, “Individual and contextual factors predicting educational and occupational career success”

10.05.2013 Mirjam Virtanen, “Teachers Emotional Competency: a Research of In-service and Pre-service Teachers Emotional Intelligence Competencies and its Importance”

28.06.2013 Raija Harri, “Chanting, singing and reading - Cultural contexts of Tibetan literacy”

04.05.2013 Markku Ojaniemi, “Changes in the Conceptualization of Leadership during an African College Course”

12.10.2012 Kristiina Holm, “Ethical, intercultural and interreligious sensitivity: Case study of Finnish urban secondary school students” (Main supervisor: Prof. Kirsi Tirri, University of Helsinki.)

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