Tampere Seminar on Sound Research

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Y-kampus in Kauppi, address: Teiskontie 33, C-siipi 1st floor


Sound research network planning group

We invite you to set up a multi-disciplinary network on sound research in Tampere!

Sound, music and speech are the concepts used in many professional practices and fields of science and art. A musician is a professional in using sounds and sound is a tool, for example, for a teacher or an actor. On the other hand, voice problems can be an obstacle in everyday interaction. Through sound we can understand society and environment. Sounds can be designed, processed, analysed, and they can compose new, virtual soundscapes. Technological development and artificial intelligence will open up completely new possibilities for analysing, editing, producing and listening to sounds.

The aim of the seminar is to bring together researchers and teachers who work on sound in Tampere higher education, in order to find new opportunities for co-operation. The seminar seeks to extend the understanding of different meanings of sound, innovates new opportunities in sound research, and studies interfaces between different approaches. Moreover, the seminar takes a look at the current state of sound research. The seminar consists of lectures, posters and discussions concerning the establishment of sound research network.

The seminar is intended for the researchers, teachers and students at TAMK, UTA and TUT who work in the different fields of sound (e.g., music, vocology, signals, acoustics, composing, urban planning, media, soundscape and sound technology).

Call for Papers

The seminar seeks submissions (both oral presentations and posters) which represent a variety of sound research done in the Tampere area. Note that a poster can also be made in the form of an audio file. Please propose a spoken presentation (20 min) or a poster (poster size A0, or MP3 audio file, 3-5 min) by sending an abstract up to 400 words via e-mail (doc or docx form, including a title, author(s), affiliation and contact information) to Meri Kytö (meri.kyto@staff.uta.fi.) by January 15th and please register to the event by the 31st of January 2017.

On behalf of the sound research network planning group: Mirja Kopra (TAMK), Meri Kytö (UTA), Tarja Rautiainen-Keskustalo (UTA), Tuomas Virtanen (TUT) Teija Waaramaa (UTA).

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